How Techchef became the #1 RAID server data recovery company

How Techchef became the #1 RAID server data recovery company

RAID server data recovery is prioritized by Techchef, whether it’s any type of RAID configuration Techchef never fails to satisfy its customers and ensures up to 100% RAID data recovery success rate.

How Techchef became the #1 RAID server data recovery company

Why most businesses choose RAID?

RAID is known as Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks or Redundant Array of Independent Disk. The RAID configuration arranges multiple disks in a single array that provides systems with better optimization and faster access to data.

RAID array arranges the disks in such a way that data is read and write in multiple disks and distributed in equilibrium at the same time. RAID servers also provide redundancy that minimizes data loss chances.

Due to the better performance of the RAID data server, several corporates, businesses and small enterprises widely use RAID arrays to store data in large capacities.

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Data Recovery after RAID 5 failure

Data Recovery after RAID 5 failure

Data Recovery after RAID 5 failure RAID array system is a tremendous way to store large data simultaneously in multiple disks with a vivid level of redundancy but people still require RAID data recovery methods as the redundancy level doesn’t guarantee any lifetime protection from data loss calamities.
There are various RAID configurations of 0, 1, 2, 5, 6, 10, and more but the most used across storage system is the RAID 5 configuration that has fewer disks utilized while still maintaining redundancy.

RAID data loss can occur due to accidental data deletion, parity loss or it may wear down with time.

All about RAID 5 before digging into RAID data recovery methods

A single RAID 5 system has a minimum of three hard disk array systems. The data you save or edit is written and equally distributed to multiple drives at the same time. It is the most popular RAID configuration for archival, database environment, and more data storage.
The main highlight of RAID 5 is that consumers choose it as it offers redundancy across the disk. However, the level of redundancy doesn’t make the system failure-proof. Due to user error, environment damage, improper handling, physical failure, or a power outage, data loss catastrophes occurs and the need for RAID data recovery urges.
The first and most important action to take in respect of protecting the RAID array from any further data loss is to shut down the system.

Causes of RAID 5 failure

  • Failed rebuild attempt
  • RAID controller malfunction
  • Multiple disk corruption
  • RAID disk failure after a system upgrade
  • Missing RAID partition
  • Accidental data reformat

RAID Data recovery solutions after a RAID 5 array system failure

When you realize your RAID 5 configuration has failed and you have lost your precious data then immediately contact a RAID data recovery specialist or service provider that can effectively restore your database with professionalism and offer complete data security.

It is quite an expensive solution to recover data from your failed RAID configuration but the immense and efficient efforts and devoted work hours of a professional are worth the pay.
Important instructions in respect of data recovery of your RAID 5 system:

1. Turn down the system

Immediately shut down the system when RAID is receiving error messages to prevent any further data loss.

2. Contact the specialist

Call a professional data recovery service provider and give details about your RAID failure.

3. Pack the system securely

Improper packaging of your array system can give further damage that can permanently lose your critical data stored in it.

4. Keep backup

Create an effective backup plan to prevent any further data loss catastrophes in the future.

Sum up

RAID 5 is a great choice to upgrade data storage for large databases and accessing any database faster. Due to the high level of redundancy, this configuration is mostly utilized to store and access databases in business entities to avoid any data loss situation but it’s still not damage proof.

Businesses tend to lose data due to human error, mechanical or logical errors that render data inaccessible from RAID 5 configuration. Learning, Preventing, as well as practicing RAID data recovery should be implemented at right time to save your system from any failures.

Always keep connected with a data recovery specialist so that at the time of failure immediate action can be taken and your critical business and individual files can be saved.

Choose Techchef to safeguard your RAID 5 from any failure

Techchef is arguably the most trusted and appreciated data recovery service provider that offers expert solutions for failed RAID array systems. Our expert engineers initially analyze all the faults and then immensely work on the tedious task with dedicated tools and advanced techniques to get your data back at any cost with the best results.

Techchef promises the safest data security and prioritizes to cover all your data loss worries by assuring you 100% data recovery success guaranteed.

Here are some points that make Techchef  better choice than other services

  • No data no charge policy
  • Up to 100% data recovery success rate
  • Data recovery experts with 15+ years’ experience in data recovery
  • 20000+ satisfied customer
  • 8000+ pin code/areas
  • The most secure data privacy
  • Modern cleanroom laboratories
  • Free consultation

Contact us at  for any queries regarding your data loss problems and expert solutions.

5 Data recovery myths that are needed to be busted

5 Data recovery myths that are needed to be busted

People try to fix things on their own when they shield their pockets from spending bucks on specialists but you can’t have expert solutions unless you visit an expert, rather you can only do makeshifts that don’t stand on long runs.

Likewise, when your data becomes inaccessible or unreadable due to mechanical or physical damages to the hard drive, you can Google several quick fixes that will suggest methods like hit, drop, spin, freeze or heat your hard drive to recover it.
These are not less than any myths for data recovery that not only cause further damage to your hard drives but also tend to permanent data loss. Myths are meant to be busted and that’s why it’s necessary to clear up your mind with such ridiculous data recovery DIY methods

1. Freeze the malfunctioning hard drive

There are many freaking blogs and videos available on the internet that are guiding people to freeze a failed hard disk when its spindle stops working that could make it work after a few hours. NO! Extremely dangerous for the drive, it will only kill its life by contracting the components inside it.

2. Screwdriver will be perfect to open it

You think screwdriver is your friend but bitter truth is that it’s your worst enemy of all time. It will only bleak the chances of data recovery by injuring the delicate disk platter and can create scratches on it.

3. You can pull the platter and fix it

Do not ever try to pull out the inner components of a disk, that act of bravery can cost you a heavy amount of money. There are special clean-rooms in professional data recovery centers that have specific conditions only suitable for fixing physically damaged hard disk.
You cannot make those specific conditions inside your home that is not clean of dust and smoke particles.

4. Why go to a specialist when you can use recovery software at home

The hard drive recovery specialists are not freaks that study and practice techniques for years only to avail people expert services. Falling for free/cheap recovery software is nothing but a ridiculous choice that people make.
They are not reliable as they aren’t a perfect fit for recovery 100% data, can overwrite data, and eventually shock you by losing your data permanently.

5. Hitting or dropping hard disks will make it work again

There’s a notion that says hitting a hard drive with a hammer or dropping it from a height will intact the loose parts inside a hard drive. Whosoever shared this opinion at first would be messing around to fool his friend. It will only result in permanent damage to the device.

Your data is sensitive- know its worth

Dealing with a failed hard drive is no joke better not fool yourself by trying upon these myths. Consult a specialist to treat your data loss problems right with specialized tools and techniques. Don’t trust such websites that post mythical articles about the DIY data recovery methods and protect your precious data from losing it forever.


A hard drive intact several delicate components like disk platter, head/spindle, motor, etc inside that are sensitive to damages. Keep it away from extreme climate conditions and make sure to set your computer in a dry and clean place where dust and smoke particles can’t hamper the disk components.

Myths like hit it or drop it can worsen a hard drive’s condition by completely breaking its motor or other functional parts. The best decision is to contact a data recovery expert to ensure secure data recovery services with maximum success results.

Make Techchef your best decision

Techchef is one of the most trusted brands to cater to you the best hard drive, SSD, USB flash drive, Pen drive, RAID data recovery service all over India. Our highly skilled engineers with specialized tools and techniques put their immense efforts to deliver you the most efficient solutions to your data loss problems.
For a free consultation on data recovery services contact us at

Data Destruction: Importance and its types for growing your business better

Data Destruction: Importance and its types for growing your business better


Hard drive under microscope

Majorly businesses nowadays rely on the IT industry that avail professional data destruction services. It’s proved to be a good practice in a business to safely dispose of data from computers, laptops, or hard drives that are not in use. Companies intending to reselling, reusing, or recycling devices find the destruction of data service relevant.
data assets like customer details, financial reports, or inventories of a company are confidential and core parts of a company to grow and build a reputation among others.

You might not know that only deleting or formatting data from a system or hard disk doesn’t make it permanently deleted, it is still located in the disk platter that only could be recovered by an expert.

Data destruction is a vital practice for a business to get rid of data breaches by hackers because they can easily access data from devices whether old or damaged. They are specialized in breaching data even from a single bit of information left on the hard disk.

Why data destruction is important

In the last decade, businesses have faced an increase in data breaches due to a lack of secure data disposal that left their data vulnerable to security incidents. When this scenario occurs in a Business there are possibilities to pay stiff fines and penalties that eventually account for the loss of customer trust and damage to your brand.

A smart CEO should always invest in professional data disposal service providers to shield his business from any hefty fines by disposing of data safely and benefit from devices for different purposes without any worry of data security.

Disk data destruction is nothing but the process of removing data from hard disk forever in multiple data disposing of ways. Not only you will get peace of mind but also you will be able to make space in your laptop or PCs for other beneficial purposes.

Types of data destruction

Depending on the need here are 4 types of data destruction mentioned variedly depending on the purposes

1. Data wiping

Simply, the process of data wiping is overwriting the data with 0-1 digit and random characters that makes data unreadable.

2. Data erasure

It is another form of overwriting data that destroy all stored data on hard drive and businesses are certified with data erasure proofs.

3. Data degaussing

Degaussing is a method of rearranging the data present on a disk by demagnetizing and disrupting the magnetic field of an electronic device.

4. Physical destruction

As the name refers, destruction of data is performed by physically destroying devices that are to be recycled and it’s an efficient way of getting rid of data for organizations and businesses.

Whether you go for your personal or professional data destruction, it’s going to be worth that can profit you in many ways. Individuals who are willing to sell their spare hard disks, laptop, or computers can earn some bucks and for businesses, it will be effective for making space in the systems for more productive work.

Why Techchef is the best choice?

We at Techchef assure you the best data destruction solutions with our top-class engineers that are experienced in practicing data destruction for more than a decade. with our Asia erasure partner Blancco, Techchef ensures the safest data erasure with professional tools and techniques. We provide certificates to our customers for their safe business compliance on every data wiping and erasure service.
Visit us at for more info on data wiping and data recovery services.

RAID Failure – Dos and Don’ts

raid failure

What is RAID?

RAID failure- Dos and Don’ts

RAID stands for ‘Redundant Array of Independent Disk’ or sometimes known as ‘Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks’. In simple terms, a RAID is a way of logically putting multiple disks together into a single array. When numerous disks are placed together, the performance and/or reliability of a system are optimized for fast and better performance. There are different types of RAID configurations depending on the choice of preference.

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The pro guide on Data Recovery solutions for your Dead Hard Drive

Data Recovery solutions for your Dead Hard Drive

In this busy world, most people don’t bother to keep their important data safe, and hence data loss disasters happen. You might be negligent about your data safety but it’s going to lie heavy on you in the future maybe tomorrow! Who knows? Well, thanks to the data recovery services that have increased in recent years to get you and your company back on track.

Dead hard drives or crashed hard disk leads to failed Operating Systems that do not boot and due to this, a data loss situation occurs. There are plenty of reasons that account for hard disk failure and eventually, loss of your precious data happens.

Hard drive under microscope

Causes of data loss from a damaged hard disk:

  • Accidental data format
  • Hard drive fell down
  • Corrupted Operating system
  • Malfunctioning hard disk
  • Power surges
  • Deleted partition
  • Malware or Virus attack
  • Fire or water accidents
  • Bad sectors occur on the disk

What could be the indicators that tell you that your hard disk is dead?

When you feel chills and your nose is running you visit a doctor and tell him you aren’t feeling well because of such things happening to you, afterward he diagnoses your body and gives you medicines to get well. Likewise, your dead hard disk which is detecting any of your crucial files in the laptop/PC may indicate signs that it’s about to die now the time has come to rush to a tech-doctor (hard drive recovery service provider) so that your precious files and data get saved.

By recognizing these indications of your crashed hard drive can save you from permanent data loss

  • Clicking noise
  • Grinding noise of disk head
  • No moment of the disk at all
  • Stuck motor
  • Damaged platter
  • Starched disk platter
  • Deadheads

Reasons to choose professional hard disk recovery service over DIY data recovery

Are you feeling smart enough to get your lost files back with the help of recovery software that is available online for free/cheap? If you are brave enough to do so then get ready to face the aftermaths. These freebies are available online not for your good but for the profit of the recovery software companies that grab your attention by availing their software for free and then ask you to pay you later for using the full version of the software.

Hope you’re not trapped by these free attention seekers yet. Moreover, these software utilities are open-source and hence, can enter into your private details eventually giving you data security threats.

Even if you feel lucky enough to download the full version of the software, it may be successful but doesn’t guarantee you to recover all your data files and you might never get your important files back.

Now if we talk about a professional hard drive recovery company, you will find a bunch of them but going through the below-mentioned points will guide you to hire a good recovery service provider.

A good data recovery company will have these services:

  • The certified company with international standards
  • No data no charge policy
  • Guaranteed data recovery rates
  • Years of experience in providing services
  • Maximum positive reviews
  • Modern clean rooms
  • Highly trained qualified engineers with expert solutions

Final words

You should go to professional data recovery service providers that are familiar with dealing with your type of device and provide you expert solutions on all types of your data loss problems. It is best to choose professional recovery companies over data recovery tools that are available online as they have not proved yet to be a good decision to salvage your crucial data and may even worsen the data loss situation by permanently deleting your files.

Don’t fool yourself by saving some bucks in your pocket and perform data recovery on your own, the task is complex and tedious. Possibly you won’t be getting your files again ever the only foolproof choice is to rely on an expert recovery service that can repair damaged hard disk professionally.

Techchef is the best choice to recover your dead hard drive

Techchef Data Recovery

With a strong network of 63000+ customers, Techchef delivers the best data recovery solutions for your dead hard drive with the help of our qualified technicians that offers you the ultimate solutions for all types of data loss problems.

Why choose Techchef over other data recovery companies:

  • No data no charge policy
  • World’s best in class tools and technologies
  • Trusted, reviewed, certified data recovery services
  • 100% data recovery rate guaranteed with data security
  • Technical analysis of media by experts
  • Services across 8000+ pin codes
  • Free consultation
  • Contact Techchef to know more about our data recovery services.

Data Recovery from hard disk



Why Do-It-Yourself data recovery is a big NO!?

Why Do-It-Yourself data recovery is a big NO!?

Data loss is heart-wrenching when you find out that it has happened to you. You might not have invited it on your own but it’s an unwelcome guest that has hit inside your device or hard disk.

It is surprising to know that there are plenty of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ videos on the internet that you can follow and work on your hard drives but at what note can you rely on them, do they come with guaranteed fixes? The answer is no!

Data stored devices or hard drives are very fragile and have delicate components inside them that need professional hands to handle the damage that happened to them.

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