What if your data got deleted from computer hard drive? Read this article to find out!


High Tech Computer Hard Drive Recovery

Computer Hard Drive loss is a massive concern, especially in today’s era where the maximum of our work happens to be stored securely on our private computers. Data is the king for business and individual, and thus we try to save it on the system that supports excessive storage. Nothing is better than storing it on laptops on PC because of the higher storage capacity it provides. But there can be instances where you might lose your crucial data due to hard drive crash, virus attacking your computer or damage that led to hard drive breaking. In such scenarios, you might try possible ways to handle the situation on your own. But when it’s left to a professional hand, you can expect better retrieval possibility. 

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Data Recovery from Damaged RAID 5 Array

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The abbreviation RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive/Independent Disks. RAID is a visualization storage technology that consists of an assortment of hard drives working in a parallel configuration. The multiple hard disk drives are combined to form a single logical unit.

This is done to enhance the performance and reliability of data storage. Each RAID level in the RAID configuration is optimized for a different situation. Thus, every layer offers a distinct balance of performance concerning data capacity and data reliability. Moreover, the RAID technology is used on servers and high-speed computers to mitigate risks of disk failures.

What is RAID 5?

RAID levels vary by the number of disks and therefore they are referred by specific alphanumeric names. These names have alphanumeric characters between 0 to 10 and the number against them indicates the particular array level. The higher is the number of RAID array better is the protection it ensures against unrecoverable sector read errors and physical drive failures.

Thus, considering the fact RAID 5 is relatively a robust storage solution. A RAID 5 array typically includes a minimum of three disk drives and block interleaved data striping with distributed parity across all drives. As the number of disk drives in RAID 5 array increases its efficiency also goes up.

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Handy Tips to Recover Data From Permanently Damaged Hard Drive

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No matter what, hard drives are an indispensable solution for data storage needs. Whether you use them as internal storage or external storage hard drives find in numerous applications in our day to day life. But just like other items in your home they too are vulnerable to damage. A lot of things can go wrong with your hard drive. No access, not boot up, or no powering up. These situations can be frightening as they put your data’s safety and integrity into question. 

But worry not this blog will help you discover some handy tips to cater to such situations and will help know various reasons responsible for hard drive failure

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Recover Data From External Hard Drive That Isn’t Detected

Recover Data From External Hard Drive That Isn’t Detected

External hard drives make our life easier. They prove to be very beneficial for data backup or data transfer. But just like other storage devices, these mechanical storages are also susceptive to damages and device corruption issues.  And here comes the trouble! Often people come across the situation when their hard drive becomes undetectable on their computer. This usually occurs with error messages like: 

  • “The drive cannot be accessed” 
  • Hard drive not detected”
  • “RAW drive is not initialized”
  • “The drive is not formatted” 

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What is Data Recovery and how it Works? 

Techchef Data Recovery

Gone are the days when physical documents used to serve the purpose of data storage. Technological advancements have led to the debut of digital storage devices. Whether in the corporate realm, government establishments, or for personal uses, everyone today prefers storing data in digital form. Nevertheless, with this also comes the imminent issues of data loss. Sometimes your trusted digital storage solution may fail to upkeep your essential data. Due to certain issues like hard drive crash, accidental deletion, or drive corruption, your data may become inaccessible.

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The Critical Role of Data Sanitization in IT Security

Data Erasing Solution

Considering a dramatic increase in corporate hacks and data thefts, data sanitization– the process of comprehensively removing data from IT systems has become critically important. In wake of such data breach issues lingering around, information security has become essential than ever. Data theft in any form can put an organization’s as well as its stakeholder’s reputation at stake. Therefore, to ensure information security preservation around the complex IT landscape, organizations need to eliminate ambiguity surrounding data sanitization.

Data Erasing Solution


Attempting to discard, recycle, reuse or resell devices without sanitization may prove to be dangerous. This is because in such instances information from your IT assets is easily retrievable which may compromise your organization’s security and may prove to be tragic.

Therefore, to assist your organization to strengthen it’s IT’s countermeasures against nefarious activities this article provides you insight into data sanitization. The guide will help you understand data sanitization and its role in preserving an organization’s information security.  

What is Data Sanitization? 

Data sanitization refers to the process of intentionally, permanently, and irreversibly removing data from a memory device. After the process of sanitization data on the device becomes unrecoverable. Even after using the advanced forensic procedures the erased information on the device becomes irretrievable.

The sanitization process may involve using a software utility to erase data, a dedicated hardware device, or a specialized mechanism for physically destroying data to make it irrecoverable.

Why Data Sanitization is Important for IT Security? 

Data sanitization should be at the heart of your information security process. Sanitization of your media is crucial to ensure security to your sensitive data from reaching outside the organization. It is an effective approach to maintain the integrity of an organization’s IT assets. Moreover, it is worth considering that when you get your systems sanitized, you can replace, reuse, or discard them without any worry of information being leaked. This also prevents your IT assets from being unnecessarily destroyed from fear of data going out.

Data Sanitization

For several eminent industries such as medical, government organizations, contractors’ proper data disposal follows stringent measures. That’s where the data sanitization process can help. This can help the organization avert several risks associated with improper data disposal.

Thus, data sanitization is essential to protect your company’s information security and mitigate risk in the disposal of unwanted assets. 

 How Do Techchef Professionals handle Data sanitization?

Techchef is a specialist in handling sanitization for IT security systems. The company has years of experience and expertise in the industry. It is a GDPR approved Hard Disk Data Sanitization, the service provider. Through advanced sanitization techniques involving Blancco erasing solutions, IT Asset disposition services, drive degaussing services, and drive destruction services, Techchef ensures complete information destruction. All of the sanitization services from the company are designated to meet industry standards. Throughout services, Techchef sanitization specialists ensure safety to your information security.

At Techchef, we know that Data Sanitization is an imperative component of the IT Asset Disposition process, therefore we provide you right environment and protocol deployment for the purpose.

Resuming our Data Recovery and Data Sanitization Service with fully operational Team

Dear Well-wisher,

During this time of unprecedented uncertainty, all of us here at Techchef are concerned about the safety and well-being of our families, colleagues, customers, partners who make up Techchef vibrant.

Despite the difficult times caused by COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to being available for you to deliver the uninterrupted services throughout to be continued with the business needs. We hereby pleased to inform you all that our service window has been resumed as per Safety guidelines with full strength. Our branches are fully operational and professionals have dedicatedly started the job to meet the standard SLA.

As this situation evolves, our respective Account Manager will proactively reach out if there is additional support we can provide. In the meantime, if you have any further questions about Techchef response to COVID-19, please contact our professional.

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Reasons Why Businesses Need Professional Workplace Sanitization Services

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A significant portion of our day is spent at work. Therefore, when it comes to ensuring hygiene and safety office hours make a major contribution. A large fraction of time at work makes businesses more responsible to implement effective sanitization measures at the workplace. Although many businesses use cleaning services, the actual cleanliness achieved is often of a minuscule level. Dirt, germs, pathogens, viruses, and allergens still remain seated on upholstery and office furniture. Thus, to prevent the spread of germs and infections professional workplace sanitization services play an imperative role. 

workplace sanitization

Mentioned below are the benefits of professional cleaning and sanitization, and why businesses should invest in quality cleaning services:

Reason 1: Prevents the spread of germs and infections

Investing in professional cleaning and sanitization services, which literally make efforts towards cleaning every part of your office, ensures you foster a healthy working environment. Professionals work on cleaning every part including floor, walls, windows, doors, IT assets, furniture, and other areas of the building. Moreover, through their dedicated disinfection procedures, the growth of harmful microbes can be prevented considerably. This especially proves to be beneficial in curbing the spread of the virus during pandemics.  

Reason 2: Prevents Illness in the Workplace

An unhygienic workplace can become a breeding place for bacteria and work as a carrier of the disease. Anyone coming in contact with infected devices or persons can spread the infection to others creating a situation of mini-epidemic. However, by implementing proper sanitization facilities at workplaces such illnesses can be prevented. The use of proper techniques of disinfecting a safer and healthier environment can be promoted, thereby reducing the risk for everyone- employees, customers, and other office staff.

  Reason 3: Improves Productivity in Your Workplace

The dirty and infectious work environment can wreak havoc on your employees. Dust and germs can induce a negative impact on their mental and physical well-being. They may become vulnerable to breathing difficulties, reduced energy levels, skin irritations, and frequent headaches. Although they may not appear sick, they feel apathetic due to these unnoticeable effects.

Nevertheless, by implementing quality cleaning services you can improve the overall health of your employees. Clean surroundings tend to spread positivity and ultimately enhance the productivity of employees.

Reason 4: Improves Air quality

Air quality is another important factor that impacts the performance and health of individuals in a workspace. The number of airborne pollutants present indoors is around 100 times greater than outdoors; therefore it is worth investing in quality cleaning and sanitization services. Using different sanitization techniques such as fogging or high-pressure steam treatment air quality can be significantly improved. It can filter out the pollutants and germs dispersed in the air. Thus, by facilitating a clean environment, you can ensure good health and productivity for your employees. 


Over the years it has been seen that during virus spread most of the businesses struggle to ensure safety at their workplaces. To avert such risks organizations should focus on implementing timely cleaning schedules. Thorough cleaning and disinfection of workplaces are essential in controlling the spread of pandemics. Furthermore, investing in effective cleaning services can help businesses foster healthy working conditions for their employees. Hence, professional sanitization services should be precisely considered by every employer to boost their employees’ productivity and health. 


Press Release- Techchef announces the launch of a new range of COVID-19 Services and Products to protect businesses from Corona

Techchef announces the launch of a new range of COVID-19 Services and Products to protect businesses from Corona

New Delhi, 3 May 2020

Techchef announces the launch of a new range of COVID-19 Services and Products to protect businesses from Corona

Disinfection service

In the wake of Covid-19, Techchef today announced the launch of a new range of services and products to be available across the country. The new range consists of several products and services. This includes a whole range of products to fight the Coronavirus, as well as the first-ever initiative to provide complete IT Asset sanitization services to make it complete virus-free. The new range of services and products launched are:


  • Sanitization of IT Assets (Including Computer, Laptop, Server, Networking Room, etc.
  • Sanitization of Office and Workplace (Office, Workstation, Entire building)


  • Hand sanitizer
  • Automatic sanitizer dispenser
  • Hand gloves
  • Face Mask
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Thermal camera
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kit

These services and products have been launched to support the industry to run their business smoothly by keeping their workplaces and workforce free from viruses and remain healthy.

Considering the health and to ensure sanitization of every individual, MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) has issued guidelines and made it mandatory to sanitize all offices and workplaces before they start their operation. It has also been made compulsory to maintain proper social distancing and sanitization in the workplace regularly. Our services and products will help the industry to comply with the government circular.

Techchef Consulting (I) Pvt Ltd is a leading and most preferred name in the field of Data Recovery and Data Sanitization. Techchef is gaining popularity in E-Waste management. Our company is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 & ISO 9001:2015 certified, having policies and procedures for systematically handling sensitive data. Techchef has adopted the world’s most advanced technology and equipment to provide the best in class services to its customers. Today, Techchef is proudly serving more than 20,000+ Customers.

The recent addition of new services and products will enable its customers to avail of similar world-class services and products as we offered other services in the past.

“We are very pleased to be able to provide our best services and products to customers and help them to fight with this global pandemic and run their business smoothly in a virus-free environment. For any query please visit us at www.sanitization.techchef.in or mail us at enquiry[at]techchef.in for more information. You may also call us on +91-9354937233.



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Make Your Workplace Ready for Covid-19 with Professional Disinfection Services

The outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of hardships to our nation. It’s continuous and fast spread has been an issue of major concern. Well, these are tough times. Due to the widespread COVID-19 virus, the threat to our workplaces including corporate houses, business parks, and industrial houses is severe. Subsequently, to prevent the spread of this deadly virus and mitigate its impact on businesses, workers, customers, and the public, it is best to ensure maximum safety from our side. Since there is no vaccine for the virus it is best to avert the spread of infection by reducing exposure to it. The virus can make its way through anywhere; it can be present on your office furniture or equipment and can be carried by your employees unknowingly. 

Disinfection service

Therefore, to destroy the habitat of viruses completely you need professional disinfection and sanitization services. As per official advisory recommendations from prominent health organizations the impact of the virus at workplaces can be significantly reduced by considering professional cleaning/disinfection services. In light of the worsening of the outbreak, these services come as a relief for business setups. They help employers get prepared to eradicate the risk of virus spread. By providing complete sanitization of IT assets, furniture, and office building, these services prevent the spread of infection at your workplace. Mentioned below are some of the highlights of a reputed disinfectant and sanitization service provider:

  • Identifying touch points and preparing a plan to kill all surface-deposited viruses on suspected areas. 
  • Providing complete protection kits including hand sanitizers, face masks, thermal camera, hand gloves, infrared thermometer, PPE kit for cleaning personnel. 
  • Considering the contagious nature of the virus using advanced procedures such as virus wiping, high-pressure steam treatment, and ULV fogging. 
  • Removing contamination from surface including all IT assets in an organization such as a computer, laptop, Server, keyboard, telephones, and networking room. 
  • Issuing guidance regarding the proper disposal of used tissues. 
  • Briefing employer and employees on hygienic workplace practices. 
  • Thorough decontamination of high contact areas. 


Disinfection service

Are You into Essential Services and still operating at this time? Disinfect Now.  

Professional sanitization and disinfection services on a continuous basis through the pandemic can help organizations keep their employees safe and free of concerns. Since the risk of a virus can make employees uncomfortable and reluctant to report, therefore, sanitization goes a long way. Along with controlling the virus spread, it can reduce anxiety among workers. It can promote healthy well-being and safe working conditions. 

Furthermore, if you choose to sanitize, clean, and disinfect your workplace here are a few recommendations:

  • Schedule sanitization when there is no occupant in the office building: This will ensure thorough cleaning and is also a safe option for everyone. 
  • Consider repeated cleaning: The risk of infection can spread very faster. A sanitized facility can become infected again. Therefore, it is essential to consider sanitization on a continuous basis for optimum health and safety. 
  • Inform occupants on the premises about the sanitization process: For optimum results collaboration from individuals is needed. Thus, it is better that occupants are informed prior so that they have complete peace of mind. 

The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic is uncertain, thus, it is better to disinfect your workplace. It is the right time for us to prepare for the situation. Simple precautions and measures of disinfecting and sanitizing can help you ensure protection to your employees and business.

Stay safe!!