5 Data Loss Problems with CCTV or DVR

5 Data Loss Problems with CCTV or DVR

With the rise in crimes in recent decades, CCTV has become an important part of everyone’s lives.

Be it a company, school, hospital, shop, or house, surveillance is needed everywhere, and that’s why security cameras play major roles to protect your premises from criminals.

Keeping an eye on everywhere around you becomes crucial when it comes to overlooking a misfortune that happened.

Security cameras might become a superhero that can save people from crimes but losing footage can be a more adverse situation and disheartening too.

The good news is, there are several professional CCTV data recovery specialists but before that, go through these five common CCTV data loss problems that you can trigger on time and save someone from misfortunes.

1. Unstable power

The insufficient power supply is one of the common reasons for video signal loss. Power outage is a result of no power or unstable power to the camera to record video. There can be many reasons contributing to it.

  • Loose cables
  • Faulty power cables
  • POE switches not working properly.

2. Electric spike

One of the worst reasons for losing your crucial data can be a power or electrical spike that has caused vertical lines, or black screen or serious damage to the camera’s circuit board or other sensitive components.

Power spikes tend to occur when you mount a camera on a conductive surface or lightning strikes on the camera.

3. Weak wifi connection

A network interruption in wifi results in low internet bandwidth of the signals, failing to connect to the camera.

The unstable network connection can be caused by a distant wifi router from the camera or a physical barrier between the router and the device, or interference in the wifi signal.

4. Firmware issues

The hardware of a firmware issue in the DVR or the surveillance camera could cause big issues even when you have double-checked every other problem.

A hardware or firmware issue can be complex to resolve on your own. It is much technical and needs professional data recovery specialists to recover the hardware problems with specialized tools.

5. Signal corruption

It seems like everything is fine, but the video is missing the DVR. Why? It may be because the video loss is due to the system that cannot decode the video stream, which may be of a different manufacturer or brand.

Reasons like no compatibility between DVR and camera, higher or lower decoding system than camera quality or an older CCTV can potentially contribute to the issue.


You won’t wish to lose your valuable videos out of the CCTV/DVR as 24/7 surveillance is a must. CCTV/DVR data recovery service providers can potentially recover your lost footage or videos that are crucial for you no matter the reason. They have specialized tools and technologies to recover data from complicated video loss problems and give you maximum recovery rates.

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C-type Pen Drive Data Loss and Best Data Recovery Solutions

C-type Pen Drive Data Loss and Best Data Recovery Solutions

With the next-gen technology, the new and advanced C-type pen drives are introduced by many renowned brands like SanDisk, Western Digital, HP and more which is faster in everything.

Be it performance, moving or sharing files, accessing files, etc., all features are tremendous over an ordinary pen drive. Yes, but it’s susceptible to failures due to human, electrical or port error that can drag you in catastrophic data loss situations. You can opt for many pen drive data recovery solutions to retrieve your personal or confidential data back before it gets permanently deleted.Continue reading →

What causes Data loss in Storage Tape and what is the Best Tape Data Recovery solution?

Businesses have vast data assets like customers’ personal details, business documents, financial data, and other confidential files that pillars a business.

Tape cartridges are ideal data backup storage devices that fit perfectly in a business for backing up essential data.

What causes Data loss in Storage Tape and what is the Best Tape Data Recovery solution?

The magnetic tape is preferred for its longevity and durability as it can survive for more than 30 years and have great storage capabilities in LTO, DLT and S-AIT formats.

However, being a resistant magnetic tape device, it can undergo failures that can paralyze your business.

Your entire data can be lost if any failure occurs due to various reasons causing failure in tape media storage. Though, there are tape data recovery services offering solutions to recover data effectively.

Causes of Data Loss in Storage Tape

Data tapes storage are great for backup, but the stored data can be lost due to these reasons that render your business data inaccessible and need sudden data recovery solutions.

  • Detrotiation in tape due to moisture, dust, or heat.
  • Loss of lubricant.
  • Distortion of tape.
  • Entangled Tape.
  • Broken tape.
  • Stuck tape.
  • Sticky shed.
  • Tape library failure.

What to do in storage tape failure?

If you see your storage tape is malfunctioning in any way, turn off the tape drive immediately and avoid attempting to read a data tape cartridge that can result in severe damage to the system, losing your data permanently.

  • Turn off the tape drive immediately
  • Don’t attempt DIY tape data recovery
  • Never touch the tape barehanded.
  • Report every single malfunctioning of the tape drive to a specialist.
  • Contact a tape data recovery service right away.

Following these measures can reduce the chances of permanent damage to data tape storage, and specialists can recover your data more effectively so that you can get your business back on track again.


Not all backup devices can survive longer; every media storage device, including tape, has a limit of tolerance for failures and damages. As a magnetic data storage, data tape can undergo severe damages due to which your essential business data can be lost. Tape data recovery services have specialized tools and labs to recover data tape with maximum recovery rates extensively.

Techchef is the Best Data Recovery choice

Be it failed or damaged tape of any format (LTO, DLT and S-AIT), Techchef recovers it all with expert solutions. We have highly qualified experts with 15+ years of excellence in recovering failed data tape with specialized tools and technology labs to recover your data efficiently. We are always ready to commit to the best services, and that’s why we offer our customers the most satisfying solutions at all cost.

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How to Recover Ransomware Encrypted data and Secure files from Malicious Programs

How to Recover Ransomware Encrypted data and Secure files from Malicious Programs

Has your system ever gone through the pop-up message like this “ your file*ext. have been attacked by ransomware”? Do you have any idea what happened to your files? Ransomware is a malicious infection that encrypts your files in your system that remain inaccessible until you pay a quoted amount to decrypt the files. The scenario might be panicking for you if you are dealing with this for the first time. Hackers design the ransomware encryption with unique keys that can only be cracked by them or an expert ransomware data recovery service.Continue reading →

5 Things to consider before Buying a Hard Disk

Planning to back up your old data before you shift to a new system. Buying a new hard drive would be a great choice to store your precious data and files safely. But confused about what type of hard disk would be suitable for your new system?

5 Things to consider before Buying a Hard Disk

Data loss can sometimes be panicking when you tend to lose your valuable files. A secure Backup can save your money and time to access data even when you tend to lose files due to system failure.

The most preferred device that comes into mind when thinking of storing backup files is a hard disk drive, but what factors should one consider before buying a hard disk?

Here are some of the factors you can keep in your mind before going out to buy a hard disk that can be convenient for backing up your essential data.

1. Device storage capacity

There are as many options as you find in hard disk drives storage capacity, from RAID array, single hard disk to NAS (Network-attached storage), there is a lot to choose from.

An external hard drive is the most convenient, affordable and large capacity option than other backup solutions. Despite countless hard drives, you should figure out your core needs before choosing the suitable hard disk capacity.

2. Durability

Durability should be the most considering factor before choosing the right hard disk because, as a mechanical device, it is susceptible to various failures.

Buy a hard drive that is durable and reliable that comes with at least two to three years of warranty. Good hard disk manufacture will provide a maximum warranty on the storage device that indicates their durability.

3. Data transfer speed

The third most considered feature can be a hard drive’s files or data transferring speed. The fast it transfers the files, the more progressive the work will be.

A standard external hard drive comes with USB 2.0, but now the new technology has advanced this feature to USB 3.0. With better file transfer performance, an external drive with USB 3.0 has the fastest transferring speed.

4. Security

An external hard drive that provides hardware-based encryption is a better option. Choosing hardware-based encryption is more trustworthy than software-based encryption.

Encryption is more than a necessity if the data stored in the drive is essential or highly sensitive. It can protect your valuable files from being damaged, lost or stolen by hackers.

5. Extra software features

Many hard drives come reinstalled with a great software package. Some powerful hard drives even can perform, manage, and encrypt data backups automatically. It will be helpful for many different data backup purposes.


Plenty of hard disks you can choose from according to your core needs to backup your data when replacing with a new computer or laptop system.

Lacking on having a secure data backup can land you in data loss catastrophes leading to inaccessible data. Professional data recovery services can be the best choice to retrieve your lost data that assure maximum data recovery success rates.

Techchef can be your Best Choice

Techchef is the most trusted and reliable data recovery company in Delhi that provides world-class solutions for HDDs, SSDs, pen drives, RAIDs, and many more. Our qualified experts with 15+ years of experience recovering data from complicated data loss situations utilizing advanced tools and technologies to ensure you 100% recovery success guaranteed.

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How much does it Cost to Recover Data from a Hard Drive?

How much does it Cost to Recover Data from a Hard Drive

Losing your valuable files like your favourite movies, action games, memorable photos, videos, and other confidential information due to a failed computer hard disk is not less than a heartbreak.

How much does it Cost to Recover Data from a Hard Drive

You are most likely to lose data when your system’s hard drive fails, corrupts, malfunction or crashes. Thanks to hard drive data recovery services that have the potential to retrieve lost files.

After hearing about expert data recovery services, the first question that pops-up in mind is, “how much it will cost to recover data from a hard drive?”

Understanding the causes and types of hard drive failures and solutions, according to them, can clear your mind about what factors affect the data recovery cost.

Types of Hard Drive Failure

Logical failure

The logical hard drive failure differs from physical failure as there is no physical harm to the drive hardware. Logical failure can occur due to the following reasons that lead to system failure, corruption and malfunction.

  • Deleted files
  • Accidentally formatted partition
  • Malicious files
  • Crashed files
  • Overwritten data

Physical failure

Physical or mechanical failures affect the hardware of the drive, and these issues are complex than logical failure that takes more efforts to retrieve lost files

  • Accidental drop or jerk of the device
  • Power or electrical surges
  • Water or fire damage
  • Bad sectors on hard disk platter
  • Scratches on the disk platter

Factors that affect the data recovery cost of a hard disk

A data recovery expert service can cost a little higher than your expectation, depending on the type of failure of the hard disk. These cost of recovering data from a hard drive can range from a hundred to thousands of dollars depending on these factors

Logical or mechanical failure

There is a thick cost difference between the logical and physical failure of the hard drive as different tools, techniques and turnaround time differ at both the options.

Turnaround time

The TAT or turnaround time is the total time your failed or dead hard drive is going to take to get recovered in a given period

Spare parts

Spare parts

The replacement of fresh spare parts of the same model and batch can also cost higher if your hard drive has mechanical failures and some parts need to be replaced.


clean room

As the name refers, a cleanroom is a specialized room to recover mechanically damaged hard disks that can’t be repaired in a typical environment. The disk platters are highly sensitive, and tiny dust particles can damage the platter leading to inaccessible data loss. A cleanroom has specific dust-free and smoke-free conditions to recover physically damaged hard drives.

Experts training

Years of experience, training, and hard work make a specialist expert in retrieving data from complicated, hard disk data loss situations. The time to time training and technical study is worth the cost and time to retrieve your data safely.

Tips to save your valuable data from data loss situations

Offline backup

To access your data anytime and save time and money, make sure to keep a copy of your essential data files to host devices like an external hard drive or pen drive. This way, you can free yourself from data loss problems and access data without wasting time and money on professional data recovery services.

Online backup

Keep updating your backup on online cloud storage like iCloud by apple and google photos or Google drive by Google that can free up space from your device, and files can be accessed on other working devices by logging with your account.


The data recovery specialist charges higher due to the factors that affect the cost of data recovery of a failed or dead hard drive. You are fortunate enough to have a backup saved on other devices even if your hard disk has failed, corrupted or dead; definitely, a time saving and cost-cutting way to access your personal files.

Techchef provides The Best Service

Techchef is the most trusted and reviewed data recovery service that has served more than 20000+ satisfied customers in 8000+ pin codes all over India. We have 15+ years of experience recovering data from any complicated data loss situations that ensure 100% recovery success. We have modern cleanroom laboratories in our infrastructure that expertly recover dead hard drive at any cost to give you complete peace of mind.

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Causes of a Pen Drive Data Loss and Data Recovery Solutions

Causes of a Pen Drive Data Loss and Data Recovery Solutions

Have you been storing your college files or office documents in your favorite pendrive or USB drive? Of course! The portability, durability, and ease of accessing data are the key characteristics of a pen drive that makes it an incompatible choice. However, a pen drive or USB flash drive is susceptible to various failures and damages that lead to data loss.
Your favorite movies, photos, videos, documents, or even personal details could be at risk if pen drive data recovery is not performed at the right time. Your data is inaccessible until your data is recovered from your failed pen drive.

Reasons that cause USB data loss

There are several reasons dur to which your data stored in the pen drive disappears in a snap that can cause anxiety in your head.

  • Accidental file deletion
  • Malware infected files
  • Data fragmentation
  • Extreme conditions (too much moisture, heat, etc.)
  • Hardware failure
  • Software corruption
  • Unstable power supply

Precautions to take after a USB Drive Failure

Regardless of the pen drive failure, you have to make sure of a few things and take preventive measures to reduce the risk of further data loss from your pen drive. It might help to make pen drive data recovery more successful.

Stop the use immediately

After you detect any failure or damage in your USB drive, make sure to stop using your pen drive to protect it from further data loss.

Disconnect from device

Dismount the failed pen drive from the computer or laptop and store it somewhere safe until the data recovery process starts.

Avoid copying data

If you try to copy data from a failed USB drive, you can lose all your files permanently before any recovery process is performed on the drive.

Recover Lost Data from a Failed USB Drive

You can try to retrieve your deleted or lost data to render it accessible with these three methods when your USB or pen drive fails.

Recover data with CMD

CMD stands for Command Prompt, an integral part of all Windows installations that support all commands. Follow the command guide to complete the recovery process, and it may restore your missing files from your failed USB drive successfully.

There might be some voids in this recovery process as it is limited only to Windows OS and not to other OS devices. Moreover, it is a complex procedure, so it should be avoided if you are a novice, and also, there’s no guarantee.

Third-party tools

Plenty of third-party data recovery tools are available online that can be used to recover lost data from your pen drive. It is a user-friendly tool and a pocket-friendly choice to access your precious files back.

Though recovery from a tool or software can be technical and can’t be helpful in physical pendrive failure.

Professional pen drive data recovery service

A professional data recovery service is the best choice to get back your lost valuable data. The specialists have years of experience as well as tools and techniques to recover failed pendrive with 100% success rates.


You should never avoid the fact that any device can be exposed to failures and damages that can lose your essential files even if it is durable. You should be prepared with a backup of your important file to avoid a last-minute rush and panic. Always keep in contact with a pen drive data recovery specialist to treat your failed USB drive at the right time.

Why Choose Techchef ?

Techchef is the best data recovery service provider that has experts with 15+ years of experience recovering data from all types of pen drives with any complicated data loss case. We have professional tools and techniques to ensure the best data recovery solutions with 100% recovery success guaranteed.

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How NAS Failure affects your Business and Preventions of NAS Data Loss

How NAS Failure affects your Business and Preventions of NAS Data Loss

NAS, also known as Network-attached storage, is a file-level database storage device for file-sharing within a computer network.

Most small scale-scale businesses take advantage of NAS for storing their files conveniently, but regrettably, the NAS is susceptible to various failures.

How NAS Failure affects your Business and Preventions of NAS Data Loss

You tend to lose your vital files and businesses assets which can be accessible after performing a NAS data recovery from a NAS recovery specialist.

Why business choose NAS

Most small enterprises pick NAS for sharing files over computer networks owing to the terrific features the NAS system offers. These features make a small enterprise owner buy NAS for the smooth working of his business:

a. A reliable and lower cost system.

b. Provides great storage and supports a file system.

c. Built-in features -secure authentication, disk space quotas, email alerts on detection of an        error.

d. various amounts of cache memory to enhance the performance.

e. Offers flexible network-based storage.

f. Supports a command extension to allow extended error recovery to be disabled

Causes of NAS Failure that affects a Business

NAS data recovery can be performed according to the various NAS failure causes that damage the functioning in NAS and disturb the execution of the task of your business. NAS contains multiple hard disks that tend to fail the NAS system.

a) Power surge

Power failure and voltage fluctuations may lead to NAS failure. A power surge or unstable supply can disturb the disk array from integration to RAID.

b) Human error

Human error such as accidental deletion of files and folders can lead to inaccessibility resulting from data NAS data loss.

c) Overheating

Extreme conditions like overheating can cause NAS failure. Make sure to store the NAS device under a suitable temperature.

d) Mechanical faults

When one of the drives fails, it puts a load on the remaining drives for processing. This accounts for one of the causes of NAS failure.

e) Failed NAS controllers

Corrupt firmware or hardware, operating systems errors, incomplete configuration etc., can also lead to NAS data loss.

f) Natural calamities

Such as fire or water damage or any other natural calamity may lead to NAS failure and entire data loss stored in it.

Prevention of NAS data loss

Now that you are familiar with the NAS failures and causes, this might pop in your mind that how could you protect your vital NAS system from such failures and keep your valuable business files safe. Of course, the Life of the NAS will be prolonged, and you won’t need to invest your money in NAS data recovery services.

a) Automatic backups

Create automatic backups for your essential business documents and data in some other device so that you access data without data loss worries.

b) Limit the data access

NAS enables the feature to limit the access of the stored data to authorized people. Any novice in your company can accidentally delete the business files or customer details, rendering data inaccessible.

c) Pick a suitable RAID configuration.

Selecting a suitable RAID level for your business is important. You can prefer RAID 5 over RAID 0 as RAID 5 configuration have fault tolerance for better data security.

d) Avoid NAS rebuild

You can turn up to irreversible NAS data recovery if you try to attempt disks rebuild by yourself. It is a complex task, and NAS recovery specialists can perform this better to protect your valuable data at all cost.

Final words

In NAS failure, you can lose your precious business file or even confidential data that can paralyze your business. The best solution you can attain is to acquire a professional NAS data recovery service that can provide your failed NAS with the appropriate data recovery solutions with specialized tools and technologies. The professional NAS recovery services also assure maximum recovery success rates to rely more on their efforts.

Techchef is the Best NAS Data Recovery Service Provider

Techchef is the most reliable and trusted data recovery service provider all over India serving more than 25000+ satisfied customers in 8000+ pin codes. We have world-class solutions for failed NAS or failed RAID of any model make or brand. Our 15+ years of experienced professionals utilize dedicated NAS recovery tools and technologies to retrieve lost data from any complicated failure case and ensure 100% recovery success guaranteed with 100% data security.

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