Data Erasure

Do you know, data erasure can save your organization money?

Data Erasure Erasing data from IT assets like Server, PC’s, Mobile, SSD, LUN or Virtual Server play a very vital role as far as data security is concerned. Data Erasure requires same level of attention whenever we talk about data protection but it is overlooked by many of companies across …

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Mobile Phone

Recover your precious mobile data through Mobile Data Recovery Service

Have you ever feared or face loss of your personal data within your computer or your mobile? Data which gets corrupted from physical damage or due to accidental deletion can be recovered now. Do not panic! Techchef is here to provide solution to all your problems. We can recover all …

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ransomware attack

How to protect yourself from ransomware attack?

Methods to protect yourself from ransomware attack Ransomware is a kind of attack by hackers taking control of your PC or Server and then demanding for payment. Hackers send some malicious software to the victims machine which further encrypts the data stored on victim’s systems. Businesses and individuals both are …

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Hard Disk Drive

What you must know for Hard Disk data recovery?

Data Recovery from Hard Disk Drive A hard disk is a unit of storage that stores and provides relatively quick access to a huge amount of data. It is often referred as “disk drive,” “hard drive,” or “hard disk drive”. Today’s computer typically comes with a hard disk that contains …

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RAID Server

RAID Server Recovery- What to do if your RAID server fails?

Data Recovery from RAID Server RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a Data Storage Technology that people use in businesses and enterprises. It is also known as RAID server. On the basis of performance and required redundancy level, it is further classified into RAID levels. RAID servers are used …

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