11 Pros and Cons of an SD card that you might have Never Heard

Whether it’s a computer, laptop, mobile or digital camera, SD cards are the most prefered storage devices because of their small sizes; of course, they are not flawless, and you could experience unexpected data loss or corruption. It is always best to recognize how well your storage device will work for you and your data. Here are some 11 pros and cons of an SD card that you should always remember.

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1. External storage

Yes, the first advantage could be expanded storage for your mobile phone with a limited device. Then, when the internal storage fills up, you can conveniently use an SD card to expand the storage.

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2. Cost effective

Of course, the tiny storage device is more cost-effective than other storage devices like a hard drive or an SSD.

3. Low phone memory consumption

As soon as you insert the SD card into your mobile phone, it will give you the freedom to move large files to the SD card and let the phone memory be saved for other files. You can also install some applications on the SD memory card.

4. Portable

Unlike any bigger storage device like a hard disk, you can remove and port SD cards anywhere, which makes it convenient.

5. Less power consumption

As a battery-supported device, SD cards work well in a smartphone that consumes the low power of your phone.

6. Non-volatile memory

SD cards or flash memory cards use non-volatile memory that keeps your data in one place and stable. With such memory, you need not refresh it, and there are low power failures.

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7. Brittle

SD cards are highly sensitive and can be broken easily, especially the metal part. Once it gets damaged, it can lead to data loss.

8. Limited read/write cycles

As the SD card uses flash memory, there are limited read/write cycles. Solid-state drives and USB flash drives also follow the same pattern. Therefore the lifespan of an SD card is comparatively short.

8. Cheap cards harm your phone

If you are budget-oriented, then buying a cheap SD card can be riskier. It can corrupt your phone applications and risk data loss.

9. Slower than phone memory

The flash memory, in comparison to the primary memory of the phone, is slower. As a result, you may also see a reduced performance on your phone.


With the best and the worst SD card factors, you can decide between buying it for storing your files. However, SD cards can be prone to failures and corruption, subject to data loss like other storage devices. You can consider an SD card data recovery professional in unexpected data loss situations to deliver effective solutions.

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