3 Effects of Hard Disk Platter Scratch

A hard drive is one of the most sensitive storage devices, which contains highly sensitive disk platters.

Once the disk platters are damaged, your data can be compromised, leading to data corruption and data loss.

Here we will understand how the hard disk platters get damaged and the three worst effects of it.

Hard Disk

The reasons of scratches on the disk platter

  • Head misalignment
  • Hard drive drop
  • Platters come in close contact with the head
  • Opening hard drive in the non-clean room
  • Dust particles on the platter
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What are the three effects of platter starches

1. Damaged head

A starched or damaged disk platter could be the reason for hard drive head damage too. The more scratches developed by the head when in close contact with the disk platter, the more damaged it gets.

2. Strange noises

One of the signs of a hard disk platter scratch or damage is strange noises from the hard drive. You would likely hear strange whirring, clicking or grinding noises.

3. Risk of permanent data loss

Of course, if the disk platter is damaged to a far extent, then data loss catastrophes can be on your way. Not only this, the more damage to the magnetic disk platters, the higher the risk of data loss. Also, such damage could cause permanent data loss, which is unrecoverable.

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As far as you are concerned about your valuable data, you should seek a hard drive data recovery specialist when detecting disk platter damage. The more you delay, the more the chances of permanent data loss. So make sure you discontinue using the hard drive when the disk platters get scratched to avoid further damage.

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