3 Useful Ways to create Offsite Data Backup

No matter how technology has evolved, data Backup has been crucial for decades. Today, if you lack a data backup, you are missing the fastest data recovery process. Whether it’s a logical or physical error in your computer or laptop, you can suffer data loss and access your lost data. You should have data backup in the first place. Here we will talk about the three most effective ways to create offsite data backups.

1. Cloud storage

In the first place, when we plan to create backups offsite, cloud storage is always the first preference. Cloud storage can be remotely accessed, which gives relief from permanent data loss when a data disaster occurs at your place.

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Features like remote access, remote sharing, and high data security make it a more reliable choice for an offsite data backup.

2. Manual Offsite Backup

We sometimes choose not to store our backups in online cloud services or due to high costs. The reason could be anything, but if you don’t want to rely on third-party tools for offsite backup options, a manual offsite backup could be the second option.

To manually store data backup offsite, you would need an external hard drive and manually copy the files from your device.

After completing the file copy process, store the external hard disk drive at a remote place that is only accessible to you or any authorised person.

3. NAS

Yes, a network attached storage can play a vital role in offsite data backups if you choose a reliable one. This offsite backup is more of private cloud storage than third-party cloud storage that has control over your data.

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You need an internet connection or a reliable network to get started with NAS, and you will be able to access, share and synchronise your data backup from any remote place.

Also, its auto data backup option makes NAS a more efficient offsite data backup option than all.

Bottom line

In the contemporary world, if you don’t have an effective data backup, you are more likely to experience permanent data loss. With an effective offsite data backup, the chances of data recovery success rate increases. However, you must always have an eye on your backup if it’s updated, or you can lose accessibility to data that was last modified.

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