4 Solutions when Mac shows “failed partition” Error

Mac hard drive lets you resize or create new partitions in the system, which can be achieved to organize data. However, during any modification, Mac can show you the error message “partition failed,” aborting the process. Such errors also lead to data corruption and even data loss. To eliminate this error from your Mac hard drive, try these four effective solutions.

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1. Use disk utility in recovery mode

Disk utility is an efficient Mac tool to target and repair hard drive errors. Open the disk utility in recovery mode. To start with, restart the Mac> press “command +R” keys while boot until the progress bar appears>when the “OS X recovery” screen opens, select “disk utility” from option> follow the instructions to repair disk problems.

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2. Launch FSCK in single-user mode

FSCK inbuilt-tool in mac repairs files system related issues. SO using it for the “failed partition” error can work. Reboot Mac in “single user mode”> press “command+S” keys while booting>input “/sbin/fsck -fy” line in command prompt.

Once the FSCK finishes, type “reboot” in the command prompt and reboot Mac. Check if the error is gone and Mac is running normally.

3. Format disk

Formatting a hard disk resolves most of the logical errors that may block you from accessing the data. But before proceeding, ensure to backup all important files as formatting will erase the entire data in all partitions.

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4. Resort to professional

If all the solutions fail to eliminate the error “failed partition”, it could be a sign of hardware failure. To resolve it, Take specialist assistance to recover the hard drive partition. With customized tools, such error problems can be removed effectively.


Partition related errors in Mac may appear because of factors that hinder the partition modification process. To never lose your essential files, backup data can keep it safe and let you access your files anytime. You can use a backup drive to prepare a backup of your valuable files in Mac.

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