5 Data recovery myths that are needed to be busted

People try to fix things on their own when they shield their pockets from spending bucks on specialists but you can’t have expert solutions unless you visit an expert, rather you can only do makeshifts that don’t stand on long runs.

Likewise, when your data becomes inaccessible or unreadable due to mechanical or physical damages to the hard drive, you can Google several quick fixes that will suggest methods like hit, drop, spin, freeze or heat your hard drive to recover it.
These are not less than any myths for data recovery that not only cause further damage to your hard drives but also tend to permanent data loss. Myths are meant to be busted and that’s why it’s necessary to clear up your mind with such ridiculous data recovery DIY methods

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1. Freeze the malfunctioning hard drive

There are many freaking blogs and videos available on the internet that are guiding people to freeze a failed hard disk when its spindle stops working that could make it work after a few hours. NO! Extremely dangerous for the drive, it will only kill its life by contracting the components inside it.

2. Screwdriver will be perfect to open it

You think screwdriver is your friend but bitter truth is that it’s your worst enemy of all time. It will only bleak the chances of data recovery by injuring the delicate disk platter and can create scratches on it.

3. You can pull the platter and fix it

Do not ever try to pull out the inner components of a disk, that act of bravery can cost you a heavy amount of money. There are special clean-rooms in professional data recovery centers that have specific conditions only suitable for fixing physically damaged hard disk.
You cannot make those specific conditions inside your home that is not clean of dust and smoke particles.

4. Why go to a specialist when you can use recovery software at home

The hard drive recovery specialists are not freaks that study and practice techniques for years only to avail people expert services. Falling for free/cheap recovery software is nothing but a ridiculous choice that people make.
They are not reliable as they aren’t a perfect fit for recovery 100% data, can overwrite data, and eventually shock you by losing your data permanently.

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5. Hitting or dropping hard disks will make it work again

There’s a notion that says hitting a hard drive with a hammer or dropping it from a height will intact the loose parts inside a hard drive. Whosoever shared this opinion at first would be messing around to fool his friend. It will only result in permanent damage to the device.

Your data is sensitive- know its worth

Dealing with a failed hard drive is no joke better not fool yourself by trying upon these myths. Consult a specialist to treat your data loss problems right with specialized tools and techniques. Don’t trust such websites that post mythical articles about the DIY data recovery methods and protect your precious data from losing it forever.


A hard drive intact several delicate components like disk platter, head/spindle, motor, etc inside that are sensitive to damages. Keep it away from extreme climate conditions and make sure to set your computer in a dry and clean place where dust and smoke particles can’t hamper the disk components.

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Myths like hit it or drop it can worsen a hard drive’s condition by completely breaking its motor or other functional parts. The best decision is to contact a data recovery expert to ensure secure data recovery services with maximum success results.

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