5 Reasons that Cause a Hard disk to Spin Fast

For decades, users have been using hard disk drives for storing data. But many have compromised their data due to physical failure in the hard drive.

Strange noises from the hard drive like clicking, whirring, and grinding can be heard when the hard drive is physically damaged. However, people have also complained of their hard drives spinning faster.

Can this have a negative impact on your files and data? Know the five reasons that cause a hard drive to spin fast and if they affect the data.

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1. Fast spinning hard disk due to accessing large files

Hard Drive Data Recovery

When you notice your drive moving faster, it can signify that it is reading large files that exceed the limit of cache memory in your computer.

2. Multiple tasks are running in the background

Files running in the background and using a hard disk can result in a higher speed of hard disk spin.
Multiple files or programs that you might use simultaneously would increase the speed of the hard disk.

3. Virus attack

An infected computer or hard drive could harm the file and the performance of the hard disk drive as well. You will need to check with antivirus and kill it to see if the problem has been resolved.

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4. Hard drive wear out

Every storage device has a limited life span; likewise, it wears out when a hard drive reaches its life span. When a hard drive goes through wear out, it affects computer performance, including the hard drive to spin faster.

5. Physical damage in the drive

Last but not least, a hard disk drive could behave strangely when it is physically damaged. A head crash, scratches in the disk platter, arm damage, and more reasons could lead to spin the disk faster.


When you notice a hard disk in such a situation, without assuming, turn off the system immediately. It will protect your hard drive from more damage, and you will get enough time to diagnose the problem by a hard drive recovery expert.

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