6 Solutions when Backup Restore Fails in iPhone from iCloud

It is pretty obvious that the iPhone reaches its limit to storage data and sometimes suffers corruption that causes iPhone data loss. Undoubtedly, iPhone users prefer their backups in iCloud or iTunes first because it provides fast data recovery. However, the data restoration process in the iPhone could sometimes fail due to various factors. Here are the six solutions to fix the error “ cannot restore backup” in iPhone when recovering data from iCloud or iTunes.

1. Check wifi connection in iPhone

Unstable wifi connection or network will definitely result in errors while restoring data or backup data in the iPhone. Data backup or backup restoration requires strong wifi or network connection to proceed.

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2. Look into the iPhone storage

When you’re restoring backup data, it requires certain storage space in the iPhone to be successful. If you do not have enough space to restore backup data, the error will pop up on your iPhone screen. So firstly, ensure your iPhone is left with enough storage space to continue the data restoration process without failure.

3. Check iCloud

If you have failed to resolve the error from the above solutions, you must check your iCloud backup. The iCloud always stores the backup in three different times, which means iCloud stores three kinds of backup. So to resolve the issue, you must check if there is a problem with one backup only. In this case, choose the other two backups and try again.

4. Check for iOS update

An outdated iOS of your iPhone sometimes becomes the root cause of corruption or failure issues. Check for the latest version of the iOS and update at the earliest to avoid any errors or bugs.

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5. Restart iPhone

Most of the time, iPhone errors could be prevented by a simple reboot. Try to reboot or restart your iPhone, and see the error is gone. Try this step after you have tried all the other solutions and failed to prevent the problem.

6. Resort to professionals

When Restoring backup fails to process, and the error persists in your iPhone, you may need assistance from an iPhone data recovery expert. They can better encounter the errors and corruption in your iPhone and get your valuable data recovered.


When the backup restoration from iCloud fails, try these six effective solutions that may help you to prevent the error “ cannot restore backup” in your iPhone. Though, you must always keep your iOS and other software updates which may fail the data restoration process while recovering the iPhone data.

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