6 Solutions When You Are Unable to Create a Recovery Drive

Many factors could cause computer system crash. But fortunately, windows provide many inbuilt backup features, one of which is a “recovery drive” and can come in handy to restore the system.

However, sometimes you can fail to create a recovery drive due to insufficient space, programs running in the background, corrupted file system, and more.

Try these six effective solutions to create a recovery drive.

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Hard Drive

1. Free up disk space

Insufficient disk space results in recovery drive failure. Check for free space or clean up some files before creating the recovery drive in the system.

2. Clean destination drive with chkdsk

A malfunctioning drive would never let you create the recovery drive. Check for the errors with the chkdsk tool and repair them.

3. Look for corrupted system file and repair them

Corrupted system files could be one of the culprits of failure in creating a recovery drive. Launch SFC or system file checker when this scenario happens and repair the files.

4. Enable RE in windows

When RE is disabled, you would not be able to make a recovery drive in the system. Enable windows RE and then create the drive. You can do this by running “cmd” and inputting “regentc/info” and finally hitting enter.

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5. Run clean boot

Clean boot in the system will ensure no additional programs are running in the background while creating the drive. In simple terms, create a recovery drive when the computer is in a clean boot state.

6. Create recovery drive in another drive

If the problems persist in the destination drive, try to create the recovery drive in another destination drive.


Trying these six solutions, you can get rid of failures while creating a recovery drive and making backup for your system. You can also resort to a hard drive recovery specialist if you think the problem is complicated.

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