Hard Disk/Drive Recovery

How to recover data from External Hard Drive ?

How to recover data from External Hard Drive? If you think your hard drive crashed or it is not accessible then all your data are destroyed then you are thinking it wrong. You can recover them with less or no hassles at all. All you need is to download good …

RAID Data Recovery

Which is better RAID 5 or RAID 6?

Which is Better RAID 5 or RAID 6? If you are a storage administrator, you may often come across a common question i.e. which is better between RAID 5 and RAID 6. To answer the question, you have to understand both 5 and 6 versions of RAID in detail. Especially, …

Hard Disk/Drive Recovery

How to recover data from corrupted or crashed hard disk?

Crashed Drive Data Recovery Service There are many instances, during which you deal with the problem of data loss because of your crashed or corrupted hard disk. Especially, you experience the problem of data loss because of physical damage caused to the hard disk or via a logical data loss …

Data Recovery

Can I Recover Data from Dead Hard Drive?

Can I Recover Data from Dead Hard Drive? Whenever you found the hard drive as no longer responds and create a biz-biz (Clicking Noise) type of sound while you try to boot it and finally it stops to prevent your access to the drive. In this situation, your hard drive …

RAID Data Recovery

How many disks can fail in RAID 5?

How many disks can fail in RAID 5? If you want to work as a storage administrator, you should possess good knowledge about one of the advanced data protection technology i.e. RAID and its levels in detail. Reason for this is that RAID technology acts as a perfect set to …

Data Recovery

SSD Recovery Experts Highlights Major Facts on SSDs

An SSD i.e. Solid State Drive is a type of electronic storage drive created on solid-state architecture. SSD includes the implemented storage technique in any microchip operable flash memory, where you store data electronically on different flash memory chips. Because of this, SSD does not contain any mechanical device in …

Business Server Recovery

Common Types of RAID Arrays Used by RAID Recovery Services

Modern companies, businesses and other individuals often opt to use RAID drives for many reasons to get plenty of benefits. However, before we should discuss about the roles and other aspects related to RAID Recovery Services, it is essential for us to know what exactly is RAID. Overview of RAID …

Apple recovery
Data Recovery

Reasons You Might Lose Data from Your iPhone and How to Get It Back

It is traumatizing to lose data from your iPhone. The shock is even severe if you use your phone for business. Only competent and expert Apple Recovery Services can help you in such conditions. To avoid losing important information you need to know the major causes of iPhone data loss. …

Data Recovery Services
Data Recovery

Why to choose Techchef for all your data recovery needs?

Data recovery is a highly specialized process and should not be attempted by individuals just like that. You will always need a reliable entity to bank on when it comes to recovering your data and here is where Techchef comes in handy. Techchef aspires to be your one-stop solution with …

mac hard disk
Data Recovery

Mac Hard Drive Failures – How to Recover Data

We love our MacBooks since they have high capacity hard drives which enable storage for tons of data. Additionally, data storage remains robust enough for a considerably longer time period till the hard drive fails. The Mac hard drive will fail since it is also subject to a particular life …