Four ways to recover your corrupted word document in the MacBook

Microsoft word document is such a convenient and easy document program that goes with Mac too. Be it drafting an email or transferring it to another device, the word is the easiest way to get shared to other devices. However, the word document can get corrupted on your Mac devices for certain reasons causing inaccessibility to open or find your word document. Here are some ways you can get back your word document on Mac.

Reasons that might have corrupted your word documents on Mac

  • Accidentally deleted file
  • Mac OS crashed
  • Improper shutdown of the system
  • Hard drive failure or damage
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Four ways to Recover your Corrupted Word Document

1. Autorecovery tool

It becomes easy to recover the corrupted word file when you accidentally delete them on your Mac.

Steps to operate auto-recovery feature

  • Open” finder”
  • Select your computer
  • In the search field of finder window, search “AutoRecovery”
  • A list of files will appear with the name “AutoRecovery save of <document name>”
  • Type your file’s name in the field and double click on it; the file should open on an MS Word document.

2. Trash

If you’re unable to find your file, it’s time to check the trash bin on your Mac.

Steps to recover files from trash

  • Tap on trash icon folder
  • Search for your missing file
  • Right-click on the file and tap on the “put back” option.
  • Locate the file in its original location

3. Text recovery converter

If your file is not opening or the word document says the file is corrupted,
These steps will help

  • Open word and go to the main menu
  • Click file and open
  • Choose option enable and then tap on “recover Text from Any File.”
  • Target and click on your corrupted document and follow the instruction
  • This might put your file back
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Data recovery specialist

The last and the most reliable option is to choose a data recovery specialist. When all the options fail, consider contacting a data recovery specialist. They have sufficient skills and customized tools to safely recover any corrupted file or document, whether it’s complex.


Word documents are one of the convenient programs offered by Microsoft in all devices, including Mac, but unfortunately, it’s prone to corruption and failures. If your files are valuable, you must first backup those files in a safe location or device. Consider calling a Mac data recovery specialist that can help you more accurately to recover your file.

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