How Can I Assure Data Recovery in Raid5?

So you are worried about your failed RAID 5 and want to know how to recover your data from it? Then, you are at the right place. In this article, you’ll get to know all about failed RAID 5 and how to recover data from your failed RAID 5.

Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) is built up of configuration of multiple hard drives into logical units to improve the performance of RAID and redundancy of RAID data. It can store an extensive amount of data and this is the key reason why RAID storage systems are widely used in business organisations to store data.

What are the causes behind RAID failure?

There are multiple causes of RAID data failure, but one should know that RAID is a storage system, not a backup. Here is the list of important things given below to consider and prevent RAID data failure:

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1. Logical cause of failure

RAID configuration issues arise due to an improper set of hard drives in the RAID array, which causes RAID data failure.

  • Files, folders and documents get corrupted accidentally.
  • Frequent virus and malware attacks
  • Sometimes RAID data fails due to damage of one or multiple hard drives.

2. Human error :


Accidental deletion of files and folders can lead to a RAID failure
Improper reformatting of RAID hard disk drives
Improper placement of drives also result in RAID failure

3. Physical failure :

  • Failure of RAID controller
  • RAID server data crashes
  • Bad sectors
  • Failed motherboard
  • RAM and multiple hard drives failures
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What are the major causes of RAID 5 failure?

RAID 5 is a disk striping with parity. It consists of three drives which make RAID 5 work faster and more efficiently. RAID 5 can easily handle more than single drive failure. When a single disk fails in a RAID 5 disk, the disk array working speed reduces and simultaneously, it leads to failure of multiple drives. So taking action beforehand to prevent a catastrophic situation is always a wise decision.

What is the procedure to recover RAID 5?

  • If you are susceptible to a RAID failure, run the IP config utility.
  • Second step, Until the recovery is completed, select ‘ Work with the disk.’
  • Third step, select Rebuild disk unit data’.
  • Select the disks you want to rebuild; once you select, press Enter.
  • After pressing enter, now you are good to go with the recovery process.
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You can also stop the procedure in between if you wish to, but it might be dangerous for your RAID data. You may end up in a complicated situation of Data Recovery. And to prevent complicated situations, you can connect with a professional data recovery centre.

Here is the road map to connect with professional data recovery service provider:

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