How do you fix a Water Damaged Computer?

It’s an awful day for you if you are going through the heartbreak of a dead laptop on which you spilled water accidentally. There are electrical boards and other sensitive components that could be adversely affected by water or liquid absorption.

All your important documents, photos, videos, bank account details, and other confidential data will be inaccessible forever if not taken action in time.

How do you fix a Water Damaged Computer

All you need to learn is that how you can save your precious laptop data from water damage by learning precautions and solutions for water damaged laptop data recovery.

Steps to follow after water spill on laptop

Step 1: Switch off your device

Turn off your laptop and unplug the laptop physically as well to make sure no current is flowing through the circuit board.

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Step 2- Dry out the laptop

Once you switch off your device and remove it from electrical connections, hold the device upside down to drain out any accumulated water in it.

Step 3- Absorb water with a paper towel or cloth

A soft paper towel or a soft absorbent cloth will be the best options to absorb any remaining water in the laptop. Place the cloth or towel under and over the laptop and dry the device completely.

Step 4- Check for the warranty period

You have still got the chance of recovering your device for free if it’s still under warranty period. In case the warranty period has expired you need to look after the dead laptop yourself.

The one-stop solution for your water-damaged laptop

The best solution for your water damaged laptop with an expired warranty is to look for a laptop data recovery service.

You can check for your nearest local laptop repair shops too but non-professional repair doesn’t guarantee a good result always and could damage the laptop forever if not recovered appropriately.

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Instead of relying on local repair shops, search for a laptop data recovery service where your laptop can be saved with a guarantee

  • Experts with years of experience
  • Up to 100% success rates
  • Dedicated tools and techniques
  • Professional spare part replacement
  • Guaranteed process
  • Transparent recovery process

Tips to prevent water damage

Tip 1- Keep the laptop in a dry place

Try always to work in a dry place where there can be no contact between any moisture or liquid with your laptop

Tip 2- Protect with casing or cover

You can protect your laptop body with covers that can prevent any moisture or liquid to enter the machine and your important data can be preserved.

Tip 3- Invest in good quality laptop bags and cases

A full-coverage laptop case is a great deal that can fully cover the exteriors and other sensitive parts of the laptop, make sure the case has enough ventilation holes and if not, cut out the holes with scissors or a sharp tool carefully. Covering a laptop with a waterproof laptop bag can save your laptop from water incidents.


Preventions are always better than recovery, in case your laptop is still safe from water damage, you are lucky enough to protect it and save your money and time.

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If you are worried about your water damaged laptop and want to save the precious data you stored in it then the best choice is to opt for a laptop data recovery service that can provide you the best solutions with professional approaches.

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