How NAS Failure affects your Business and Preventions of NAS Data Loss

NAS, also known as Network-attached storage, is a file-level database storage device for file-sharing within a computer network.

Most small scale-scale businesses take advantage of NAS for storing their files conveniently, but regrettably, the NAS is susceptible to various failures.

How NAS Failure affects your Business and Preventions of NAS Data Loss

You tend to lose your vital files and businesses assets which can be accessible after performing a NAS data recovery from a NAS recovery specialist.

Why business choose NAS

Most small enterprises pick NAS for sharing files over computer networks owing to the terrific features the NAS system offers. These features make a small enterprise owner buy NAS for the smooth working of his business:

a. A reliable and lower cost system.

b. Provides great storage and supports a file system.

c. Built-in features -secure authentication, disk space quotas, email alerts on detection of an        error.

d. various amounts of cache memory to enhance the performance.

e. Offers flexible network-based storage.

f. Supports a command extension to allow extended error recovery to be disabled

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Causes of NAS Failure that affects a Business

NAS data recovery can be performed according to the various NAS failure causes that damage the functioning in NAS and disturb the execution of the task of your business. NAS contains multiple hard disks that tend to fail the NAS system.

a) Power surge

Power failure and voltage fluctuations may lead to NAS failure. A power surge or unstable supply can disturb the disk array from integration to RAID.

b) Human error

Human error such as accidental deletion of files and folders can lead to inaccessibility resulting from data NAS data loss.

c) Overheating

Extreme conditions like overheating can cause NAS failure. Make sure to store the NAS device under a suitable temperature.

d) Mechanical faults

When one of the drives fails, it puts a load on the remaining drives for processing. This accounts for one of the causes of NAS failure.

e) Failed NAS controllers

Corrupt firmware or hardware, operating systems errors, incomplete configuration etc., can also lead to NAS data loss.

f) Natural calamities

Such as fire or water damage or any other natural calamity may lead to NAS failure and entire data loss stored in it.

Prevention of NAS data loss

Now that you are familiar with the NAS failures and causes, this might pop in your mind that how could you protect your vital NAS system from such failures and keep your valuable business files safe. Of course, the Life of the NAS will be prolonged, and you won’t need to invest your money in NAS data recovery services.

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a) Automatic backups

Create automatic backups for your essential business documents and data in some other device so that you access data without data loss worries.

b) Limit the data access

NAS enables the feature to limit the access of the stored data to authorized people. Any novice in your company can accidentally delete the business files or customer details, rendering data inaccessible.

c) Pick a suitable RAID configuration.

Selecting a suitable RAID level for your business is important. You can prefer RAID 5 over RAID 0 as RAID 5 configuration have fault tolerance for better data security.

d) Avoid NAS rebuild

You can turn up to irreversible NAS data recovery if you try to attempt disks rebuild by yourself. It is a complex task, and NAS recovery specialists can perform this better to protect your valuable data at all cost.

Final words

In NAS failure, you can lose your precious business file or even confidential data that can paralyze your business. The best solution you can attain is to acquire a professional NAS data recovery service that can provide your failed NAS with the appropriate data recovery solutions with specialized tools and technologies. The professional NAS recovery services also assure maximum recovery success rates to rely more on their efforts.

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