How to Prevent Accidental File Deletion that can cause Data Loss

Human error is the biggest culprit of inevitable data loss that can render your data inaccessible anytime. A little careless moment can lead to your valuable file lost due to accidentally deleted data or renaming a file. Human error could also be contributed by people using your laptop and may delete files realizing that they are not important, move them, or rename them. Here are some tips on how you can prevent inevitable data loss by human errors:

1. Change file permissions on windows

Windows have configured new tools to control human error like accidental file deletion. To resolve this windows built method to prevent unexpected file renaming or deletion by changing file permissions.

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2. Hide files

Another option is allowed by windows, with which you can be the only one to choose who can see your file. Thus here, you will be the only one to rename or delete any file.

3. File recovery tool to restore missing files

The third method could be effective but risky as well. If you choose to recover your missing or deleted files by data recovery software, there are chances that you will succeed in restoring your lost files. However, data recovery specialists could be the better option than relying on tools because they offer higher recovery rates.

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Human errors is the most common cause of inevitable data loss, which could be prevented only if you become more careful about your valuable files and data. Unless you have backup data, your files could be at risk of permanent data loss. Connect to a data recovery specialist as soon as you find your files missing to get the most effective and fast solutions.

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