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Today’s hi-tech world consists of lots of data. All of which has been separated on lots of platforms and media such as computer & server hard drives, smart phones and memory cards. A common mistake is to underestimate how dangerous this data can be if the wrong people get their hands on it and uses allegedly which may impact your business and spoil your goodwill. Formatting and deleting data aren’t enough, they remove the direct paths or address information to the actual files but leaves the data area untouched. Even reinstalling the operating system doesn’t ensure the safe removal of information. Blancco software securely erases all the information from the media. With Blancco you can erase data from the hard drive and other storage media and still use it afterwards leaving the media in perfect working condition. It erases all areas of the drive including hidden, locked areas, remapped sectors as well as system areas. This software boots regardless of what operating system is installed on the PC’s or Laptop. Blancco also boasts the widest and latest hardware support in the market and certified by several organization worldwide.

Blancco tools are available for all your rational needs ranging from mobile phones all the way to large virtualized data centers. After every erasure, you will be provided with a Blancco automated digital erasure report. This report can be easily imported into Blancco Management Console or uploaded to the online Blancco cloud.

  • Browse & Filter
  • Erasure Statistics
  • Distribute Reports
  • 100% Tamper Proof
  • Follow Audit Trail

Why should you trust Blancco?

  • It is globally certified data erasure software and most recommended in the market
  • It also supports the leading overwriting algorithms
  • Blancco is used by Governments, Banks, Hospitals, Corporations and IT refurbishers all over the world.
  • It can also be a great return on your investments as the erased IT assets can then be recycled or reused and convert directly into financial gain.

SSD’s are becoming more common place in both personal and professional lives. Compared to traditional hard drives they are very light, fast, silent and energy friendly. However, their technology varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and because of this there doesn’t exist the built in standards which would securely erase them all. Moreover, most BIOS versions locks the drives, a feature called Freeze Lock. Freeze lock prevent external software from accessing hidden and remapped sectors or from using the security and sanitization commands to erase the drives. Fortunately, we have Blancco’s solution to meet the customer IT process, policy and compliance to attain the data confidentiality & integrity. The Blancco software is capable not only to detect these freeze lock but also removing them from the drives. Once the software is loaded it detects if any SSD is present. If yes, the user is confronted with a warning message as well as a recommendation to erase it with a propriety Blancco SSD erasure method. Since the freeze lock has been removed, Blancco software is capable of accessing and using the drive firmware commands. The Blancco SSD erasure method utilizes these commands as a part of the erasure process. This process has been specifically developed by Blancco and it applies to all solid state drives.

Techchef is authorized service provider partner of Blancco in Asia for erasure solution or Erasure as a Service (EaaS).

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