NAS Data Loss Problems while Working From Home

Network-attached storage or, in short, NAS is a useful yet complex device that is diversely known for its features like data storing, data sharing and, in some cases, data streaming also.

The device is versatile for corporate offices, small business startups and different groups of individuals.

With its convenient features and tremendous data storage capacity, it is also vulnerable to data loss problems due to certain reasons that you can face while working from home during this pandemic.

It is no doubt that NAS data recovery specialists can help you out, but here are some errors you should avoid from your end that can cause data loss catastrophes.

1. Human errors

Humans whether work from home or office, human mistakes have never been partial from both sides. You can tend to lose your precious business data that is stored in the NAS due to re-formatting, reinstallation or overwriting on the system. It not only loses your data but may also lose the system’s potential to regain the data back.

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2. Power outages

Many cases have triggered data loss due to power outages or unstable power supply. The RAID array in NAS that might have been in use for some times can be more vulnerable to data loss due to voltage fluctuation or fluctuation in power. You can have a power backup or an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to avoid the issue.

3. Overheating

When you place the NAS system in a room where there is more heat or dust, the NAS system can suffer poor ventilation, due to which your data can be at risk. Accumulation Of dust particles on the cooling components of the NAS also leads to extreme heating conditions in the system leading to data loss calamities.

4. Faulty NAS controller

When you try to make DIY NAS data recovery via controller rebuild or reorganization, it can result in faulty controllers of NAS promoting data loss. Moreover, if the firmware or operating system errors can arise, overwriting data in memory configuration.

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5. Mechanical issue

Your data can also be lost due to mechanical failure in the hard disk configured in the NAS system. Only one hard disk may compensate with the data recovery due to fault tolerance; if multi-disks tend to fail, the entire system will lose data.


Whether you are working remotely, you should be liable to keep the NAS system secure from sudden data loss problems that can render your business data inaccessible. You can’t have a sudden plan of action as a pandemic can lie heavy on you. Always have an offsite and onsite data backup that will help you continue the business operations without any data loss hindrance. Control the data access by encrypting the NAS system for unauthorized usage. Keep calm and connect to a data recovery specialist to assist you with apt NAS data recovery solutions.

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