4 Types of Human Error that Cause Data Loss

4 Types of Human Error that Cause Data Loss

A hard drive as a storage device is prone to failure and damages caused by many factors. One of the major culprits is human error, rendering data inaccessible.

To avoid suffering from data loss, you will have to be cautious about the four types of human error that can mistakenly take place.

1. Accidentally deleted data

Sometimes files can mistakenly be deleted by you or accidentally delete data. You might also clear the data from the recycle bin and mistakenly remove files from there too. However, the data can be recovered with the help of a specialist or with reliable data recovery software.

2. Accidentally formatting data

One tends to format the data when intending to clear all the older files or eliminate some logical problem. This becomes a problem as you mistakenly format the wrong drive or data that you needed.

3. Data overwrite

One of the reasons for human error, overwriting data can be a result of writing data on the emptied disk with deleted data.

When you accidentally delete data, it frees the space from the original location. When you write new data, the old deleted data is overwritten by new data, irrecoverable.

4. Interruption in drive partitioning

Disk partitions can be quite beneficial when resizing the drive, using multiple operating systems, or expanding storage. Though the partitioning process can be complicated, once it is interrupted by a power failure or cable or network connection, it can cause data corruption or damage.


Human error should be avoided as much as possible. All these four types of human error problems occur when you neglect and carelessness while managing your hard drive data. Also, keep updated backup data to never compromise your valuable data due to any human error.

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