Reasons You Might Lose Data from Your iPhone and How to Get It Back

Apple recovery

It is traumatizing to lose data from your iPhone. The shock is even severe if you use your phone for business. Only competent and expert Apple Recovery Services can help you in such conditions. To avoid losing important information you need to know the major causes of iPhone data loss.

Possible Reasons for data Loss from Apple Gadgets

Physical hardware damages: If you drop your phone on the ground or into the water you will most likely lose important data. To avoid this, you need to be very careful with your device.

Viruses and malware: With the growth of technology, developers are creating “intelligent” viruses that even the most sophisticated anti-virus programs can’t stop. Just like when using your computer, you get the virus when you download harmful content or visit harmful sites. To protect your device from viruses you need to be very cautious of the sites that you visit. You should also be very cautious of the content that you download.

Human Error: “Human is to error” goes a popular saying. Sometimes you might delete important information without realizing it. Studies have shown that many people lose important data when they delete the wrong file. To avoid this, you should be very keen when working on your iPhone. Before you hit the delete button, always confirm that you are deleting the right file.

Failure due to Jailbreak: There are many reasons why you might want to jailbreak your device. When you jailbreak your iPhone, it means that you won’t be covered by warranty. In addition to this, you might lose your data if you do it the wrong way. You should protect your data by ensuring that you jailbreak properly. If you can’t do it professionally, hire Apple Recovery Services to do it for you.

If you are thinking about how to Recover Data from iPhone and looking for a reputable Apple Data Recovery in India, Techchef is your best bet. With Techchef, you’ll be able to recover all sorts of data and important files from your iPhone. These files include multimedia files like images, voice messages, videos etc. along with messages, notes, and even your phone contacts.

Why to choose Techchef for all your data recovery needs?

Data Recovery Services

Data recovery is a highly specialized process and should not be attempted by individuals just like that. You will always need a reliable entity to bank on when it comes to recovering your data and here is where Techchef comes in handy. Techchef aspires to be your one-stop solution with regard to data recovery across multiple categories, types and scenarios.

Why professional data recovery solutions are important

It is also important to understand that data recovery procedures are determined based on varying situations. In some cases, data may need to be recovered from faulty hard disk drives that cannot be accessed. In other situations, data loss may take place due to corrupted files, malware attacks or viruses. There are many such situations which are analyzed by Techchef and solutions worked out accordingly to recover and restore your vital data in quick time at competitive rates. We are aware how valuable data drives organizational goals and objectives and hence try to work out solutions carefully for recovering data without any technical glitches.

What Techchef offers

Techchef offers extensive data recovery solutions. These include the following:

  • Hard Disk Recovery
  • Raid Server Recovery
  • Mobile Data Recovery
  • SSD Recovery (data recovery from SSD disk drives)
  • Ransomware Recovery
  • Data Sanitization (all media traces stored on products are eliminated as per your requirements)
  • Laptop Data Recovery
  • Business Server Recovery
  • SAN/NAS Data Recovery
  • Database Recovery
  • MacBook Data Recovery
  • Photo Recovery
  • File Recovery
  • E-mail Recovery
  • Desktop Data Recovery
  • Flash Data & USB Recovery

Key USPs of Techchef

We count the following amongst our key USPs:

  • Services offered throughout more than 8, 000 pin codes
  • Fast and hassle free recovery services
  • Best-in-class technologies and tools
  • Up to 100% success rate
  • Fastest industry turnaround times
  • Team of skilled and qualified data recovery engineers
  • Cutting edge lab and highly advanced cleanroom facilities for higher data recovery from all damaged media
  • ISMS Certified Organization- ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified
  • No charges in case we cannot recover your data. You only pay when we successfully recover your vital data. There are no charges payable for attempts to recover information.
  • 14+ years of industry experience
  • Secure data sanitization services

Techchef takes care of all issues pertaining to data sanitization and recovery across all devices and systems. We maintain a skilled team of professionals who will tap into all possible options for getting your data recovered in the fastest possible time.

Techchef started its journey back in the year 2016 with only 3 people and today, it is one of the fastest growing companies in this space with 55 employees on its rolls across offices in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. Put your trust and reliance on Techchef and get superior data recovery solutions accordingly.

Outsource Your Data Headaches With Data Sanitization Service

Data Sanitization

What does data sanitization mean?

Data sanitization is the method of completely and irreversibly destroying stored data on a media/storage device. Among the storage devices which can be sanitized are flash memory (USB devices) devices, magnetic disks, compact disks, and DVDs. If a device has been sanitized properly, there should not be any usable residual data. Even advanced tools and techniques won’t be able to recover the information. Techniques for data sanitization include specialized software that removes data, specialized devices which are used to connect to the storage devices and erase the data, and a method that physically destroys the storage devices so data can’t be recuperated in any way possible.Continue reading →

Degaussing: A Method For Secure Data Disposal

Data disposal in now a necessity for many Corporates, Government Organizations, PSU’s, Banking and Financial Institutions. The challenge is to rely on a partner having world’s best in class tools and technologies along with Information Security Management System in place to systematically manage sensitive data.  Data security compliances and regulations has been designed to avoid any type of data leakage via any medium and EUGDPR has been introduced recently into the market to keep the data secure and confidential with updated guidelines.

Continue reading →

Things you should know about Solid State Drives – SSD

What is SSD?

SSD (solid-state drive) has no moving component and use less power supply of power to retain data.  They are different from hard drive, as they do not have any moving parts involved. It provides a more lasting and more secure way of storage.  An array of semiconductors are organized as a disk drive in SSD. It is far faster than a hard disk drive with an undeniable difference in performance. Many people assume that SSD could not fail or crash like the traditional hard drives but unfortunately, SSD’s also fails for a variety of reasons.

Importance of using SSD

The use of SSD has become a very important part of our daily life. It allows fast and random access to the data with less consumption of energy, moreover with no spin uptime. It is therefore used in more and more computer nowadays.  It has edges over the others as it has resistance to shock and drop. It is also noise-free and has much faster writing and reading speed.

However, the SSD also crashes sometimes and data loss becomes a common result. And if your SSD is connected to a computer which is infected with a virus it can also lead to loss of data. Data can also be deleted through human errors and system failure. An encrypted SSD is used by business or individuals to protect the data from unauthorized access, it could be either hardware-based or software encryption. It is also prone to suffer data loss scenarios like human error, computer virus or software corruption.Continue reading →

Swapping PCB of a dead hard drive could lead to “Irreparable Loss”!

Beware if you are thinking to swap the printed circuit board (PCB) of a dead hard drive. The first thing you should know is whether your PCB is bad. PCB supplies power to the hard drive and also acts as a brain of the hard drive. If any hard drive is not spinning then sometimes it indicates a faulty PCB. If you care for your data, you should not take any chance to try PCB swapping as it can lead to make your data permanently Unrecoverable!

Switching boards in legacy hard drive for certain models could sometime rectify the issue because of generic PCB and firmware. There was a possibility that using same firmware, site code and part number would allow access to data in some cases. Nowadays, in many cases hard drives comes with unique information of the drive on controller board so if it is swapped the microcode on PCB will not be matched with the drive data. As an outcome, it would start making clicking noise or would not be recognized by BIOS. Sometimes it could lead to more damage or even catch fire!

Firmware information may be embedded in MCU (Micro Controlling Unit), depending on hard drive models. It is required to write the firmware information to functioning matching PCB with the use of specialist tools. For some models you may face the issue of ROM incompatibility even if the firmware and configuration code is similar and it will require a ROM chip transplant. The “adaptive data” inside the PCB is unique to the attached hard drive. It consists of information like heads, firmware, service area and bad sectors.

To accomplish a successful PCB swap, special tools are required and sometimes it involves manual moving of ROM chip to donor PCB. Make sure that you hold the original PCB and don’t throw it away as it consists of invaluable information essential for data recovery.

If time and data are important, consult data recovery professional. Needless to mention that Techchef has got all the world class tools and technologies backed by years of hand on experience to recover your precious data. Call us now: 1800-313-1737 for Free Analysis of your dead hard drive.

Keep your data out of the wrong hands


Today’s hi-tech world consists of lots of data. All of which has been separated on lots of platforms and media such as computer & server hard drives, smartphones and memory cards. A common mistake is to underestimate how dangerous this data can be if the wrong people get their hands on it and uses allegedly which may impact your business and spoil your goodwill.

Formatting and deleting data aren’t enough, they remove the direct paths or address information to the actual files but leaves the data area untouched. Even reinstalling the operating system doesn’t ensure the safe removal of information. Blancco software securely erases all the information from the media.

With Blancco you can erase data from the hard drive and other storage media and still use it afterwards leaving the media in perfect working condition. It erases all areas of the drive including hidden, locked areas, remapped sectors as well as system areas. This software boots regardless of what operating system is installed on the PCs or Laptop.

Blancco also boasts the widest and latest hardware support in the market and certified by several organization worldwide. Blancco tools are available for all your rational needs ranging from mobile phones all the way to large virtualized data centres. After every erasure, you will be provided with a Blancco automated digital erasure report.

This report can be easily imported into Blancco Management Console or uploaded to the online Blancco cloud.

  • Browse & Filter
  • Erasure Statistics
  • Distribute Reports
  • 100% Tamper Proof
  • Follow Audit Trail

Why should you trust Blancco?

  • It is globally certified data erasure software and most recommended in the market
  • It also supports the leading overwriting algorithms
  • Blancco is used by Governments, Banks, Hospitals, Corporations and IT refurbishers all over the world.
  • It can also be a great return on your investments as the erased IT assets can then be recycled or reused and convert directly into financial gain.

SSD’s are becoming more commonplace in both personal and professional lives. Compared to traditional hard drives they are very light, fast, silent and energy-friendly. However, their technology varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and because of this there doesn’t exist the built-in standards which would securely erase them all.

Moreover, most BIOS versions lock the drives, a feature called Freeze Lock. Freeze lock prevent external software from accessing hidden and remapped sectors or from using the security and sanitization commands to erase the drives. Fortunately, we have Blancco’s solution to meet the customer IT process, policy and compliance to attain the data confidentiality & integrity.

The Blancco software is capable not only to detect these freeze lock but also removing them from the drives. Once the software is loaded it detects if any SSD is present. If yes, the user is confronted with a warning message as well as a recommendation to erase it with a propriety Blancco SSD erasure method.

Since the frozen lock has been removed, Blancco software is capable of accessing and using the drive firmware commands. The Blancco SSD erasure method utilizes these commands as a part of the erasure process. This process has been specifically developed by Blancco and it applies to all solid-state drives.

Techchef is an authorized service provider partner of Blancco in Asia for erasure solution or Erasure as a Service (EaaS).

Interested in finding out more about Blancco solutions? Call Us Now for Demo :1800-313-1737