PUBG Ban in India: User Data Security Concerns were Rising

A few weeks ago, the government of India banned about 59 Chinese apps including a few of the most common ones used in India for shopping and camera filters. The decision was to protect the data security of users. Now, the Government took a vast decision to ban the most popular and talked about the online game, Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds in India. All of the banned apps by the government cannot be accessible on the Play Store, Google Play, or Apple store. PUBG opened the e-sport areas in India when it was launched in 2018. With a clean user interface and mobile-based approach, the adaption to users got pretty easy.

The World of PUBG

You have likely heard this game pretty much every day “PUBG”, a game with hunting, battling, finding weapons, and reaching to a random island until only one player is left standing. Millions of people enjoyed this game but there was something that got off the trick and was noticed to be weird. The game got banned in India along with 117 other apps most of which were Chinese and this one is a huge phenomenon in mobile gaming in India, tends to grab a lot of attention.

Reports also suggest that the number of active players in India was anywhere near to 33 to 50 million. It is no hidden that globally PUBG seemed to see the highest number of downloads including India. The reports from merely July 2020 explain 175 million users installed the app and the number could have gone up to 20 crores for sure before the ban.

Competitive Gaming and Awards

While many people were to only reveal their fun side out by playing the game in their past time, many tournaments and championships were involved that were based on huge prize money and amount. India’s first-ever official PUBG championship that involved a huge money prize was held in 2018.

The Data Security Concerns with PUBG.

A group called Malware Hunter Team noticed something unusual and strange issues with their computer while playing PUBG. They would constantly receive weird messages popping up and the files got encrypted with the PUBG ransomware. The Ransomware is a virus that locks the device until you pay the hacker the ransom amount to get your computer files recovered back. Although, in this case, the hacker didn’t ask for payment or bitcoin, instead was demanding to play PUBG for 1 hour. Although this seemed to be a fun punishment, this was something that releases the chances of the data stored in your device.

This was only one of the many causes of a data breach that occurred. However, there were many data breaching that occurred and let the user believe that something was fishy.
This was particularly the major reason why the Government decided to ban the app in India. The security concerns were rising and there were many complaints by the user of its unusual and odd behaviour affecting the functioning of the device. The data stored in the device possessed the chances of getting exposed to hackers. And with millions of active users every day, each of them was compromising their sensitive information.

The change in Privacy Policy was the Biggest disaster.

The revised PUBG privacy policy did shock the Indian users a bit which stated that all the user data of Local citizens are stored in India. The personal information of the user that includes Email Id, contact details, IP address, device Id, and more, which is provided during the signing in will be stored in the server. It will remain in the server until the user deletes all the accounts completely and full data gets to be erased only after 30 days. Also, if the user deletes the PUBG app and doesn’t delete the account, the user information will be stored for about 1 year. Plus, if a user accesses the game through social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, or any other platform, the account details including a friend’s list will be accessed by the account holder.

The Data Security Issues Led to Banning.

This recent ban given the emerging threat to safety and security led to the statement of government making such a decision. This app was claimed to affect the sovereignty, integrity, and security of India, the security of the state and public order. This particular move was to safeguard the interest of crores of Indian mobile and Internet users. This decision moved the target for ensuring the safety of Indians and the following cybersecurity.

“India bans PUBG & 117 other Chinese apps, terms them prejudicial to sovereignty”

The government of India blocked PUBG including 118 other mobile apps, terming that is prejudicial to the integrity, defence, and sovereignty of the country. These banned apps were pretty popular and PUBG was the most downloaded amongst all according to the official statement.

All these apps that were banned have a link to the Chinese source. There were initially as well several apps banned like TikTok and UC browsers. It was claimed that the IT department of the nation received a lot of complaints from different sources that include a report of the apps stealing private information and data.

This was due to the apps that were stored on the phone and were transmitting all the information to other servers outside India. These complaints went on increasing and then became the biggest security concern for India. Ultimately leading to a serious ban with an emergency solution that was the only option for keeping the defence system in India strong.

India bans PUBG & 117 other Chinese apps, terms them prejudicial to sovereignty

The Challenges of Data Loss and Security is Growing.

Not just this, but there are many ways where the personal information of a user can be exposed and misused. This happens commonly in the world of business; we’re not just the hackers are a challenge but Internal threats to affect the organization. Businesses have been the most targeted ones for viruses, hacking, and ransomware that steals private information and spoil the reputation. Losing the data is one of the challenges that a business has to go through especially when a malicious attack occurs.

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