The pro guide on Data Recovery solutions for your Dead Hard Drive

In this busy world, most people don’t bother to keep their important data safe, and hence data loss disasters happen. You might be negligent about your data safety but it’s going to lie heavy on you in the future maybe tomorrow! Who knows? Well, thanks to the data recovery services that have increased in recent years to get you and your company back on track.

Dead hard drives or crashed hard disk leads to failed Operating Systems that do not boot and due to this, a data loss situation occurs. There are plenty of reasons that account for hard disk failure and eventually, loss of your precious data happens.

Hard drive under microscope

Causes of data loss from a damaged hard disk:

  • Accidental data format
  • Hard drive fell down
  • Corrupted Operating system
  • Malfunctioning hard disk
  • Power surges
  • Deleted partition
  • Malware or Virus attack
  • Fire or water accidents
  • Bad sectors occur on the disk
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What could be the indicators that tell you that your hard disk is dead?

When you feel chills and your nose is running you visit a doctor and tell him you aren’t feeling well because of such things happening to you, afterward he diagnoses your body and gives you medicines to get well. Likewise, your dead hard disk which is detecting any of your crucial files in the laptop/PC may indicate signs that it’s about to die now the time has come to rush to a tech-doctor (hard drive recovery service provider) so that your precious files and data get saved.

By recognizing these indications of your crashed hard drive can save you from permanent data loss

  • Clicking noise
  • Grinding noise of disk head
  • No moment of the disk at all
  • Stuck motor
  • Damaged platter
  • Starched disk platter
  • Deadheads

Reasons to choose professional hard disk recovery service over DIY data recovery

Are you feeling smart enough to get your lost files back with the help of recovery software that is available online for free/cheap? If you are brave enough to do so then get ready to face the aftermaths. These freebies are available online not for your good but for the profit of the recovery software companies that grab your attention by availing their software for free and then ask you to pay you later for using the full version of the software.

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Hope you’re not trapped by these free attention seekers yet. Moreover, these software utilities are open-source and hence, can enter into your private details eventually giving you data security threats.

Even if you feel lucky enough to download the full version of the software, it may be successful but doesn’t guarantee you to recover all your data files and you might never get your important files back.

Now if we talk about a professional hard drive recovery company, you will find a bunch of them but going through the below-mentioned points will guide you to hire a good recovery service provider.

A good data recovery company will have these services:

  • The certified company with international standards
  • No data no charge policy
  • Guaranteed data recovery rates
  • Years of experience in providing services
  • Maximum positive reviews
  • Modern clean rooms
  • Highly trained qualified engineers with expert solutions

Final words

You should go to professional data recovery service providers that are familiar with dealing with your type of device and provide you expert solutions on all types of your data loss problems. It is best to choose professional recovery companies over data recovery tools that are available online as they have not proved yet to be a good decision to salvage your crucial data and may even worsen the data loss situation by permanently deleting your files.

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Don’t fool yourself by saving some bucks in your pocket and perform data recovery on your own, the task is complex and tedious. Possibly you won’t be getting your files again ever the only foolproof choice is to rely on an expert recovery service that can repair damaged hard disk professionally.

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Why choose Techchef over other data recovery companies:

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  • Trusted, reviewed, certified data recovery services
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