Top Five Security Threats that can affect your Work From Home schedule this Pandemic

With so many businesses moving to work from home yet again amid the rise in covid-19 in 2021, there have come many challenges to the personnel and teams working remotely.

As everyone knows what value a business data holds, we still spin in the scenario of data security threats. In 2020, many businesses in India working remotely underwent the security threats imposed by hackers and scammers to breach data.

Top Five Security Threats that can affect your Work From Home schedule this Pandemic

Sadly those companies had to shut down due to phishing scams. Now that every business has explored the benefits of personalized VPN networks and cloud storages, the scammers have also elevated their skills, phishing employees with advanced scams.

Here are the top five security threats that you can encounter and eradicate on time to shield your business.

1. Credential stuffing

Scammers knock off a VPN brute-force attack by targeting a VPN portal of the user and bombarding many authentication attempts on it using pre-gathered lists of credentials.

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This attack on VPN is commonly called “credential stuffing.” If any username/password combinations work, the attacker or scammer can grasp the data.

2. Phishing

Scammers all-time favourite, phishing with new schemes nowadays, is revolving around remotely working employees.

Taking advantage of the public’s fear during the covid-19 pandemic, the attackers create website links for covid-19 maps, coronavirus cures and selling medical care.

People are often driven to malicious links that impose security threats on their networks connecting and commanding their server.

3. Malicious axure apps

With the increase in Microsoft Azure tenants, many of you are accessing Azure environments for your remote workers. Make sure you keep an eye on apps that your users are approving. Try to schedule periodic reviews of approved apps and repeal anything that could be risky. The attackers have invented malicious Azure apps in phishing campaigns that can penetrate your network soon as the user clicks to install the app.

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4. Fake office 365 screens

If your working employees use their home networks, attackers can enforce a fake login screen (fake office login screen), same as office 365.

Logging into these fake screens unknowingly can steal the credentials and data important to operate business workflow.

The attackers can access the users’ computer with authentication tokens, stealing personal or confidential data from users’ devices.

5. Insider security threat

With the rising counts of covid cases and extended pandemic period, many employees psychologically behave a little differently from usual due to the fear of losing their jobs due to the covid break or weak performance.

The fear pushes them to download the work files to an unsecured device, challenging the cybersecurity of business data. This results in uncommon data security threats leading to the withdrawal of data by the insider.


You can expect many such interruptions in your upcoming remotely working business, so encountering them time before any data loss occurs becomes necessary. To ensure all the security threats are covered, validate a strong VPN network and strong authentication that can be controlled and accessed by personnel you trust. Also, many data recovery services can help you restore all operational activities of your business with secure business data recovery in this hard time.

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