What is a Cyber threat and what to do?

You must be aware of the growing cases of cyber crimes. In the technical era, your precious data is two-edged sword;

  1. It is the generation of keeping data to ease your work.
  2. Data can make you vulnerable, as cyber crime committers are on rise.

On one hand, it makes your task easy and on the other hand, it can attack you as well. But due to the fear of being attacked we cannot halt our organisational work.

This is why, in this article we will explain to you what exactly is a Cyber threat and what to do in such a situation. Read the entire article below and know everything related to cyber threats.

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What is a Cyber threat?

In simple words, a cyber threat is a malicious act or event with the intent to potentially harm the information or data, steal important data or disturb the proper functioning of an organisation. It is done through unlawful and illegal means which seeks access or destruction.

What are the different types of Cyber threats?

Cyber threat

There are various kinds of harmful malicious cyber attacks that we can face. However, the following threats are popularly used by attackers, given below:

  1. Financial / Bank account attack
  2. Data attack
  3. Hacking accounts/ server
  4. Phishing scam
  5. Insider attack

How to prevent Cyber threats?

As every problem has a solution, similarly there is prevention for Cyber threats. Here are some of the common ways to prevent cyber attack, which includes:

  1. Developing effective cyber security policies.
  2. Cyber security awareness training among the employees
  3. Two-factor verification protection and anti-malware software.
  4. Installing Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW)
  5. Installing Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
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We have addressed the cyber threats and its prevention in the article above. Now, coming to the conclusion you have understood the importance of your data protection. However, if in any case or any severe situation you lost your data then freely contact the Techchef technical team.

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