Why owning a NAS system is not Enough for your Business?

Business data is critical and needs faster, flexible and more reliable access to deliver their products and services on time. That’s why most small to medium-scale businesses rely on NAS systems but is Network-attached storage enough for your business purposes?Understanding NAS

NAS or Network-attached storage system is operated by connecting to a network that gives access to:

  • Data transferring
  • Data streaming
  • Data sharing

A NAS system works as your cloud storage and allows one to access data from anywhere in the world. When you own a NAS device, you have complete control over your data instead of relying on a third-pFeatures:arty service provider.


  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to operate
  • Automated data backups
  • Reliable in-house and remote data access
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Why is NAS not Enough for your Business?

With incompatible features comes great challenges. Being a reliable cloud storage option for your business, NAS could go through some wear and tear that can put your critical business data and assets at risk.

Here are the flaws that your NAS system can show and couldn’t be the only reliable source of data accessibility for your business:

  • Natural calamities: fire or flood at office
  • Power outage
  • Data theft
  • Attacked by ransomware

These all causes can contribute to data loss of your business assets that could levy heavy on your head for several years. So, installing only a NAS and relying on it could not be worth risk-taking.

What could be other Reliable options than NAS storage?

Other than NAS, your business will need physical or onsite data access, which will assure you 24X7 data accessibility, protecting the business assets from any compromise.

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One of the ideal data storage solutions can be Cloud services on which you could rely for prompt data access. Cloud servers are the game changers when you seek data solutions that could prevent any physical data security threat.

  • Enhanced flexibility, user data access from anywhere and anytime
  • Auto-updates and maintenance
  • Secure data encryptions
  • Scalable, flexible amounts to pay according to your needs
  • Automated backup
  • Professional grade data security

Businesses today have started to collect and store more media than before; that’s why cloud- storage is the most convenient and suitable solution other than any physical server storage services to keep your data accessibility convenient.


Many businesses opt for cloud storage as backup storage devices due to the reliability, data security features, and remote data accessibility features it offers. Though many security holes can encounter the cloud server, too, compromising the critical business data. It is best to include data recovery specialist contacts into your data disaster recovery plan to resume the work as soon as possible.

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